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RGB Spectrum MediaWall V Display Processor

RGB Spectrum MediaWall V Display Processor

The What: The RGB Spectrum MediaWall V is a 4K UHD video wall processor, offering up to 4K resolution I/O, single wire connectivity and fully scalable windows. The MediaWall V processor’s architecture combines the real-time processing and reliability of a hardware-based processor with the flexibility of a separate, dedicated processor to run applications.

The RGB MediaWall V processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multi-screen array.

The What Else: The MediaWall V processor provides video synchronization, required for the seamless display of high-motion graphics, or fully scalable windows, which allows imagery to be displayed anywhere, including across monitor bezels. With a MediaWall V processor, you can display ultra high-resolution 4K video and graphics together with HD sources on a wall array of 2K/HD or 4K/UHD display devices. A 4K/UHD video wall offers dramatically higher pixel density, up to 4x more total resolution than a conventional HD video wall of similar size.

The Bottom Line: The MediaWall V processor can display any configuration of window layouts across a multi-screen array. Windows can be sized as required anywhere, within or across screen boundaries, in any aspect ratio and zoomed in to emphasize details. A purpose-built architecture dedicates processing resources for each input. Each is displayed in real-time at full color, frame and pixel rates, without common video wall artifacts such as dropped frames or image tearing. The result is superb performance and an enhanced visual experience.

A MediaWall V processor has the ability to power a video wall plus auxiliary monitors or even multiple video walls, making it suitable for the most sophisticated audio-visual environments.

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