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Random InfoComm Exhibit Hall Observations, Part 2

Random InfoComm Exhibit Hall Observations, Part 2

Some more random InfoComm exhibit hall observations:

  • I was impressed by the power of TV One's Coriomaster Mini processor and the rotating display was a great demo (#3931). The TV One engineers were absolutely thrilled about the product and their excitement was contagious.

ProjectionDesign's Reactable.
• There is lots of fun to be had in the ProjectionDesign booth (#3615). Check out the 6 Channel Active Stereoscopic 3D Dome as well as the Reactable which is so much more enjoyable with a table and real objects than with the mobile app.

• Hey manufacturers, I really like the trend toward zero-trim or micro-trim for in-ceiling speakers. However, the clean and sleek look doesn’t work when you stick your big logo badge right in the center of the speaker.

• It was nice to go to the Peabody and use the way finding feature on a Four Winds Interactive Digital Signage to quickly find a meeting room. It’s a pleasure to see Digital Signage in action right outside of the Trade Show floor. It’s just too bad Four Winds Interactive doesn’t have a booth at InfoComm or I’d tell you where to go check them out.

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