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Random InfoComm Exhibit Hall Observations, Part 2

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Some more random InfoComm exhibit hall observations:

• I was impressed by the power of TV One's Coriomaster Mini processor and the rotating display was a great demo (#3931). The TV One engineers were absolutely thrilled about the product and their excitement was contagious.

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ProjectionDesign's Reactable.
• There is lots of fun to be had in the ProjectionDesign booth (#3615). Check out the 6 Channel Active Stereoscopic 3D Dome as well as the Reactable which is so much more enjoyable with a table and real objects than with the mobile app.

• Hey manufacturers, I really like the trend toward zero-trim or micro-trim for in-ceiling speakers. However, the clean and sleek look doesn’t work when you stick your big logo badge right in the center of the speaker.

• It was nice to go to the Peabody and use the way finding feature on a Four Winds Interactive Digital Signage to quickly find a meeting room. It’s a pleasure to see Digital Signage in action right outside of the Trade Show floor. It’s just too bad Four Winds Interactive doesn’t have a booth at InfoComm or I’d tell you where to go check them out.


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Audio Demo Room Tours, Part 2

There are demo rooms, and then there are training sessions for the ear. The latter is on offer from SLS Audio (Demo Room N119), where timbre takes on new depth in demos provided by Rod Falconer, Pro Audio Sales Manager, Worldwide.

InfoComm: Display Evolution, and Revolution(2)

By David Keene   At the InfoComm show last week, I was struck by the rapid evolution of display technology. Even as some commentators talked about a lack of many new display platforms– or even the “death of projection”– I saw a sea change in the making, for both projection and flat panels. If we look at InfoComm as

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Electrosonic Provides for Chicago Exhibit

When the Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago was planning its newest permanent exhibit, Future Energy Chicago, it turned to Electrosonic to provide the audio and video systems for the exhibit’s film and simulation game, which challenges guests to compete on teams to make wise energy choices for a more sustainable city.