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Radial Ships JDX 48 Amplifier Direct Box

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The What: The Radial Engineering JDX 48 is the next generation of the company’s popular JDX Reactor amplifier direct box.

The What Else: The JDX 48's design features the same 100 percent discrete class-A circuitry and transformer-coupled reactive load found on the original. This captures both the sound from the amp head along with the back electromagnetic impulse from the loudspeaker. This produces a more realistic rendering than the usual resistive pad offered by other manufacturers. This signal is then processed via a carefully designed multi-stage filter to emulate the tone of a 4x12 half-stack cabinet when used with guitar, or an 8x10 cabinet when used with bass. The JDX 48 now also includes a Bass Extension switch for increased bottom end when desired, and a 100W/300W switch to change the input capability.

The Bottom Line: The ability to use 48-volt phantom power, higher-power amplifiers, and add a low-frequency extension to the voicing makes the new JDX even more versatile than before.


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