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PureLink 4K Scaling

  • PureLink debuted its Motore Ultra HD Scaling Technology at Integrated Systems Europe 2015. Visitors witnessed live PureMedia 4K matrix switching and scaling powered by Motore - PureLink's media processing technology engineered to deliver the a scaling solution for the industry.
  • PureLink showcased Motore and full-featured 4K scaling performance including 4K upscaling, downscaling, and frame rate conversion, delivering seamless image re-production at up to 4K (4096x2160) video at 60 frames per second.
  • In their demo, PureLink highlighted end-to-end 4K connectivity through PureMedia by distributing a 1080p video source to a local 4K display, resulting in a 4K @30Hz output, as well as downscaling 4K blu-ray content at 4K @24Hz to a 1080 display. Among the features that are piquing the interest of industry experts is that this core functionality is available within PureMedia matrix switchers, eliminating the need for external scaling transmitters or receivers.
  • 4K scaling solutions that are now available on the market are often limited to upscaling only without frame rate conversion, and support shorter transmission distances and output formats. The PureMedia matrix switcher card options and remote extenders with built-in Motore technology offer a 4K scaling solution, supporting a wide range of resolutions, as well as distribution options including HDMI, DVI, HDBaseT, and Fiber.
  • "What makes PureMedia with built-in Motore technology unique is that it offers the most complete 4K scaling solution with a comprehensive selection of output card options, remote extender boxes and wall plates, as well as support for a variety of resolutions and output formats." said James Kim, PureLink's Senior Manager of Technical Sales.