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Proxima Displays Introduces WUXGA Laser Phosphor Projector

Proxima Displays Introduces WUXGA Laser Phosphor Projector

The What: Proxima Displays has announced the release of its LP8500U Laser Phosphor DLP High-Resolution, WUXGA Projector. The LP8500U is the latest laser phosphor model to be introduced this year from Proxima.

The What Else: The LP8500U features a brightness level of 8,500 lumens, and WUXGA 1920x1200 resolution with single chip DLP display technology. The projector also includes water-cooled laser diodes with 3D capability and full I/O connectivity including 1-VGA, 2-HDMI, DVI/Display port, 3D Control, HDBaseT, and RJ45 inputs. The LP8500U ships with the standard lens, and offers 4 additional lens options, from rear projection through tele-photo lens capability. The laser phosphor light engine incorporates ACS technology (Accurate Color System) which allows the LP8500U to display completely accurate colors matching the PC or MAC image to the image displayed on screen.

The Bottom Line: The LP8500U is built to last, with a 20,000 hour rated life, which is projected to translate to eight years of use based on eight hours per day, 365 days a year. In addition to the ability to mount it in virtually any position, it is rated for 24/7 use as well.

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