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Free Webinar to Discuss Selecting and Maintaining Your Next Flat-Panel

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A September 2012 survey conducted by AV Technology magazine and MRM Consulting revealed a surprising trend: large flat-panel displays are becoming the most common type of display technology in boardrooms.

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This is likely a recent trend over the last several years, driven by declining prices and larger sizes of flat-panel displays. But which flat-panel best serves your needs? And how do you maintain performance after deployment?

Join AV Technology editors, Alan Brawn, CTS, Joseph Mendonca, director of digital media technologies, HB Communications Inc., and other digital signage experts on October 31 at 1:00 p.m. EST for a free webinar designed for facility managers, purchasing agents, and AV end-users: "Facing the Future: Selecting & Maintaining Your Next Flat-Panel."

The webinar will discuss flat-panel options and what features you really need (and don't need) for your venue. This webinar is a chance to cut through the hype and ask the experts questions about available new models. The webinar will also spotlight noteworthy case studies from around the country to showcase what digital signage can actually do for you.

Get the straight talk on:
• Is the plasma history?
• Will LED back-lit displays dominate the FPD market?
• What's the right model for your venue?
• Digital signage that knows your face (and gateway to your computer)
• 4 myths of digital signage debunked
• Maintaining the best performance of your display after deployment
• What is the total cost of ownership?
• Avoiding burn-in
• Facility needs analysis
• LED-backlit displays vs CCFL LCDs
• New innovations available

The Webinar will be held on October 31st, from 1:00-2:00 PM EST.

Register today by clicking here.


Free Digital Signage Webinar to be Held October 31

Join AV Technology editors, Alan Brawn, CTS, and other digital signage experts on October 31 at 1:00 p.m. EST for a free webinar designed for facility managers and end-users. The webinar is titled: "Selecting and Maintaining Your Next Digital Signage Solution."

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