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Premier Mounts Symmetry Series

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The What: The Premier Mounts Symmetry Series is a new configurable modular display solution.

The What Else: The Symmetry Series is an easy to use modular flat panel display mounting solution, designed to provide easy installation and adjustment. The display interface consists of two main components: an interface bar (horizontal fitment) and a set of two display brackets (vertical fitment). Six-point (x,y,z) adjustments are accessible from the top of each display bracket, and the display brackets click in place on the interface bar for quick and easy installation. The modular components are designed to reduce installation time by over 40 percent compared to traditional individual display mounting systems, and deliver precise alignment features to ensure perfect display bezel alignment. The Symmetry Series is one system that can be configured to fit a variety of digital signage needs, including digital menuboards and video walls.

The Bottom Line: The Symmetry Series is available in a variety of lengths ranging from 11.4 inches to 130.5 inches and is designed for multiple configurations including wall, ceiling, stand, and more.


Premier Mounts at InfoComm

Come to booth # 2830 at InfoComm 2015 in Orlando to see Premier Mounts' mounting solutions for a variety of AV applications, including video walls, weather-resistant outdoor digital signage, and more.

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