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JB&A to Distribute TruMedia Solutions in the USA

  • TruMedia Technologies announced that it has appointed JB&A, a US Channel Management, Solution Provider, Stocking Distributor and Consultant, as an official distributor of TruMedia products in the USA.

“We’re very excited to be working with TruMedia”, said Jeff Burgess, CEO, JB&A “We have evaluated most OOH audience measurement solutions currently available and chose TruMedia for its best-of-breed solution.” continued Jeff “The fact that TruMedia is fully compliant with the latest OVAB audience metrics guidelines was also a major contributing factor.”

TruMedia’s sensors detect viewers at angles of up to 130 degrees, covering the full range of viewing angles from which a typical digital screen can be seen. These wide angle sensors capture all viewers within viewing range of the screen and ensure the validity of the data gathered.

“In a media advertising driven market the last thing we can afford is losing half of our audience because of camera limited capabilities.” said Mr Burgess
TruMedia makes PROM (PROactive Merchandising) possible by integrating its real-time audience measurement solution with content management systems to select ads and other content based on current audience size and demographics.

“the AlliO by TruMedia will enable our customers to bring the right content to the right people at the right time in real time and in the right place” said Josh Petru, VP technology, JB&A “This is the holy grail of every advertiser, media planner and buyer.” continued Josh

“Traditional media is facing a paradigm shift towards place based media”, says Dr. Vicki Rabenou, TruMedia chief measurement officer, “and engagement is the name of the game so using TruMedia PROM we can change the content to better fit the audience in real time, attract their attention and even double the engagement!”