Autonomic Controls Joins StreamNet Partner Program

ClearOne announced that Autonomic Controls, a maker of media servers and media control systems for home and commercial a/v systems, has joined the StreamNet® Partner Program, paving the way for development of Autonomic applications and products designed for use in IP-based a/v distribution and control systems from NetStreams and ClearOne. “Autonomic is all about making it easier for people to access and play their digital media, whether stored locally or streamed online,” said Michael de Nigris, CTO and cofounder of Autonomic.

  • “Making our products StreamNet ready means making it as simple and affordable as possible for our dealers to implement Autonomic technology in NetStreams and ClearOne AV systems. We’re excited about the possibilities we see with StreamNet, and we will be introducing StreamNet ready applications in the very near future.”StreamNet, from ClearOne, is a patented technology that allows a conventional open-architecture IT network to act as high quality digital AV distribution (and control) system. It works by using Internet Protocol, the underlying communications protocol for the Internet and most computer networks, to stream and control AV content in real-time. Most importantly, it manages the synchronization of signals so that AV programs playback properly – for example, movie images and sound appear “in synch” – and remain synchronized when playing across a multi-room or multi-zone AV system, regardless of the number of playback zones or devices.

According to ClearOne, utilization of StreamNet technology typically improves AV system performance by eliminating sources of noise or distortion in the AV signal path and by digitally optimizing signals, particularly for audio, based on factors including but not limited to content genre, loudspeaker design, and room layout. StreamNet is the core technology for NetStreams DigiLinX, the IP-based residential AV distribution and control system, and ClearOne View, the commercial-market version of the IP-based system. The StreamNet Partner Program is a licensing program allowing third-party companies to make products which provide full-function plug-n-play capability when used in a DigiLinX or View system.

"Autonomic’s solutions are on the cutting edge, offering customers flexible, high quality solutions for accessing and controlling digital media. Dealers will quickly recognize the efficiency and scalability benefits of using our products together,” said Chris Wildfoerster, Vice President of Business of Development, ClearOne. “Autonomic’s participation in the Partner Program adds to the momentum building for mainstream adoption of StreamNet technology.”

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