Manufacturers And Reps Seek E-Waste Solutions -

Manufacturers And Reps Seek E-Waste Solutions

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WASHINGTON, DC-The bipartisan Congressional E-Waste Working Group met last month to bring together the nation's largest e-waste stakeholders to develop a solution to the growing problem of obsolete electronics disposal. The participants, who represent electronic manufacturers and retailers, recyclers, environmental groups, and state officials, discussed what role the federal government can play to mitigate e-waste's harmful effects and how to distribute responsibility for disposal.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) estimates that 100 million electronic devices become obsolete each year. The degradation of these devices can release toxic materials into the environment.


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E-Age Wasteland

Contemplating The Who, The What, And The When Of Electronics Recycling If we’re serious about sustainability, at some point we have to ask ourselves the question: Where can we hav

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Digital Projection Upgrades E-Vision

Now producing up to 7,000 lumens of illumination, the Digital Projection E-Vision 7000 will have the same wide array of lens options, user swappable color wheels and advanced color controls that have made the E-Vision an integral AV solution.

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Community Seeks EN54-24 Compliance

Chester, PA--To enable its loudspeakers to be used in voice alarm systems in venues across Europe, Community Professional Loudspeakers has applied for EN54-24 Certification of many of its large-scale loudspeaker systems through the international laboratory network of European Notified Body, Intertek.

Japan Quake Affects AV Manufacturing promo image

Japan Quake Affects AV Manufacturing

By David Keene--While it may seem parochial if not insensitive to enquire about the state of the electronics industry in Japan while millions of people in that country deal with crises beyond our imagining, business going forward is the best possible scenario. I vividly remember the day after 9/11, when I sent out hun