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Pexip Infinity

Pexip Infinity

The What: Pexip Infinity is an any-to-any meeting platform.

The What Else: Infinity offers unparalleled scalability, interoperability, and flexibility addressing enterprise communications requirements. The new offering extends the Infinity platform through a number of benefits, including direct streaming capabilities to enterprise and public content delivery network (CDN) solutions such as Microsoft Azure, Adobe Media Server, Wowza, VBrick, YouTube, and many others. Any licensed version of Pexip Infinity can output a multimedia stream for consumption by CDN solutions, simply enabling streaming, recording, and playback. Purely software-based and virtualized, the platform uses existing on-premises and cloud infrastructure to deliver video, audio, and data collaboration.

The Bottom Line: Pexip Infinity is designed to radically enhance and simplify the user experience for face-to-face communications, and obviates the need for substantial investments in dedicated infrastructure.

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