AES Expands Electrical Engineering Programs

SAN FRANCISCO-An increase in EE-focused programming for the upcoming Audio Engineering Society Convention (October 5-8), signals an AES effort to reach out to electrical engineers. "Our 2006 convention presents an ideal platform for leaders in the EE field to share their expertise with our members," reported 121st Convention chair John Strawn. "To accomplish that goal 121st Committee Tutorial and Master Class co-chairs Bob Moses and Valerie Tyler have coordinated a variety of EE-centric presentations by preeminent members of the EE community, including: Robert Pease, Henry Ott, Bill Whitlock, Marina Bosi and Karlheinz Brandenburg."

Master Classes include: "What's All This Analog Stuff Anyhow?" featuring analog guru Robert Pease (National Semiconductor) presenting his unique perspective on analog design for audio equipment.