Aviom Grows Technology Integration

Aviom Grows Technology Integration
  • SAN FRANCISCO, CA-At the recent AES show in San Francisco, Aviom announced two partnerships which will result in the deployment of a number of products that integrate Aviom technology.

At the recent AES show in San Francisco, Aviom and Innovason announced a partnership. Shown from left are: Chandler Collison, Aviom; Kevin Madden, Innovason; Xavier Pion, Innovason.
"What's happened since almost the very beginning is that other manufacturers have been interested in that technology, primarily right now as a way to interface with our personal mixers," explained Chandler Collison, director of business, Aviom. A few years ago Yamaha approached Aviom to do an A-Net card for their consoles, which it did, followed by a request last year from DiGiCo. "More console manufacturers were asking us to do these cards, and we got to the point where we just couldn't devote our engineering resources to doing all these custom projects, so we developed a technology solution for them." The 1600 A-Net chip allows other manufacturers to build their own digital interface to Aviom's personal mixers using A-Net technology. "The thing that we're really passionate about here is getting our technology message out-that there's a better way to do monitor mixing, and there's a better way to move audio than either analog or the other approaches to moving digital audio."

The first product from the partnership between Aviom and Innovason will be an Innovason Dio module called DioAV, which can be installed in one of the two locations available on the DSP board of the Sy48 and Sy80 consoles. Two Cat-5 connectors offer direct digital connectivity to two 16-channel networks and Aviom's Pro16 personal mixers via A-Net. Commercial availability of the module is planned for the first quarter of 2007.

"This is the key to talking with their system; we thought it was important to include it," said Kevin Madden, U.S. sales manager, Innovason. Madden explained that demand for Innovason consoles has been growing in houses of worship, and the partnership with Aviom provides more opportunities to reach out to that market. "Aviom has become very popular in the church market," he said.

Additionally, Lab X Technologies has announced its ANX Pro16 module is based on Aviom's 1600 A-Net chip. By utilizing this chip, the Lab X module provides direct digital connectivity to Aviom's Pro16 personal mixers via A-Net. In addition, Aviom named Lab X an A-Net Partner Provider.

The ANX is a network module that fits the Lab X MIX platform. Lab X president Lee Minich said, "We are a design house. We work with manufacturers, and in discussing with them their networking needs, several of them asked for A-Net Pro 16. This is really to answer that need."

The ANX Pro16 module augments Lab X's audio networking OEM offerings and provides manufacturers with a standard form-factor for integrating networking technologies. This gives manufacturers, and ultimately end users, the flexibility and upgradeability to implement Pro16 A-Net now, while allowing for Pro64 A-Net solutions in the future. "The advantage of using the Lab X module is that it speeds up the development process because they're doing the lion's share of the work," said Collison. "All you have to do is bolt their module down onto your board, and you're pretty well set to go.

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