New Quad DVI Output Cards at New York Fashion Week -

New Quad DVI Output Cards at New York Fashion Week

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WorldStage became one of the first companies to use d3 Technologies’ media servers with new Video Format Conversion Quad DVI output cards for a live event in the US when it deployed the equipment during the fall edition of New York Fashion Week. The event marked the tenth anniversary of a major designer with a celebratory avant garde video screening following his runway show.

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d3 Technologies' media servers and Quad DVI output cards were used at New York Fashion Week
WorldStage is a long-time supporter of both Fashion Week and d3 Technologies. For the designer’s anniversary event WorldStage provided one main and one backup d3 4x4 pro with four VFC Quad DVI output cards, which fed 9 sets of Christie Digital HD20K-J series projectors. The Quad DVI cards, which enable users to drive up to 16 DVI outputs from a single 4x4pro system, allow large, multi-projector shows to be delivered with fewer machines and no downstream splitter devices. This reduces cost, rack space, set up time and complexity without adding any signal latency.

“Two 4x4pros with Quad DVI cards fed nine stacks of dual-converged projectors displaying video on a single screen 180 feet and 15K pixels wide,” says WorldStage President Josh Weisberg. “Previously, we would have had to use five main 4x4pros and five back ups. The new Quad DVI cards cut hardware requirements and client rental costs significantly. They permit us to offer clients more economical use of a very high-end media server.”

VFC output cards are an industry first with no other media server on the market offers the ability to easily transition from HD to 4K.

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 WorldStage is a long-time supporter of Fashion Week“The Quad DVI output cards will be a big advantage for 4K video, too,” Weisberg notes. “We own Christie’s new 4K flagship projector, the Boxer 4K30, and are starting to deploy it on events,” Weisberg notes. “The 4x4pros with Quad DVI output cards will be a big advantage for 4K video, too. They are a natural complement for the Christie Boxer.”


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Extron Long Distance DVI Twisted Pair Extender

Extron Electronics has introduced the DTP DVI 330, a transmitter and receiver set for long distance transmission of DVI-D video, audio, and bidirectional RS-232 and IR control signals up to 330 feet over a single CATx cable.

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WorldStage Lighting Up New York Summer Events

It’s summer in the city and New Yorkers are celebrating at “Midsummer Night Swing” and “Lincoln Center Out of Doors.” WorldStage is providing lighting support for lighting designer Andrew Grant at the two annual festivals held in Lincoln Center’s Damrosch Park.