Video as an Architectural Feature -

Video as an Architectural Feature

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We are typically selling displays to serve a specific purpose: information, entertainment or branding. Our branding installations are typically in retail environments and they are mostly the same, a video loop of a product or logo on a video wall or large projection screen.

The Planar Mosaic Architectural Video Wall literally breaks the mold, giving integrators the opportunity to create a completely custom dimensional video wall sculpture.

Sure, any creative designer could arrange displays in a unique configuration but Planar has thought this product through with three display shapes and sizes as well as an online design tool. I was able to spend some time with the online design tool in the booth; dragging, rotating and dropping displays over an image to create my perfect video wall sculpture.

There was a lot more to like in the Planar booth, and anyone who has had to disassemble a section of a video wall due to a broken power supply will appreciate their remote power supply solution. It simplifies installation and moves this common point of failure from behind the display and into the rack room.


Planar Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture

Planar Systems is showcasing the next-generation Clarity Matrix LCD Video Wall System with G2 Architecture, which combines a thin-profile, ultra-narrow bezel LED LCD video wall with improvements in design, installation.

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Webcast: Architecture, Interior Design, and Digital Signage

The DSE will present the first installment in its 2014 webinar series on Thursday, January 9th at 2pm EDT. Leslie Gallery-Dilworth, past CEO of SEGD, and moderator of DSE’s new one-day Dynamic Digital Environments Master Class seminar program February 11th at DSE in Las Vegas, will present the free hour-long program on January 9th that will explore the range of media technologies that are transforming architecture, interior design, way finding and art.

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ONELAN's CMS Features for Digital Signage

ONELAN’s new CMS features simplify channel and playlist complexity through use of the Conditional Play Editor. Content and media players are tagged with pre-defined meta data values. Content then plays when the conditions are met e.g meta tags match.