MUSIC Group Successfully Uses SAP Hana Technology -

MUSIC Group Successfully Uses SAP Hana Technology

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MUSIC Group is the first company in the audio industry to have successfully implemented SAP's HANA "in-memory" processing technology to run all company transactions on RAM versus conventional hard disk. In comparison to traditional database technology, the company now runs transactions up to 4000 times faster and analytics can be performed in real-time.

In a statement, MUSIC Group's CEO Uli Behringer shared:

This is another tremendous milestone in our ambitious vision to automate our company. Why is this important for our customers? The cutting-edge SAP HANA technology has only been implemented in around 500 companies worldwide. It allows for a completely new level of high-speed data processing to increase efficiency throughout the enterprise and also to provide customers with real-time insights such as inventory levels, on-line experience on MUSIC Group's transactional portals, and availability of multidimensional reports.

Over the past two years we have invested over 15 million worth of SAP business automation to completely transform and automate the company to a level that even multi-billion dollar companies such as GE, 3M and Ford etc. have not implemented. We have been closely collaborating with SAP's leadership management on our unique and ambitious deployment, and have also been invited by SAP's own global R&D center in a program to co-innovate new solutions and drive MUSIC Group's automation to a level unheard of in any industry.

Together with the completion of our new US$ 100 Million MUSIC Group City state-of-the-art manufacturing plant, we will have a total integration between the customer and our Company down to real-time shipment information of moving containers on Google Map, and to allow customers to watch "their own" products being manufactured through online factory cameras. The goal is to completely open up our company and provide our customers with the most amazing experience. This is a very exciting time as MUSIC Group as we are not only pushing the technology envelope on the product level but across the entire Company.


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