New Powered Rigging Standard Project: Electric Chain Hoist Control -

New Powered Rigging Standard Project: Electric Chain Hoist Control

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The BSR E1.6 project to develop an American National Standard for powered theatrical rigging systems has a new project and part to the standard: E1.6-4, Control of Serially Manufactured Electric Chain Hoists Used in the Entertainment Industry. The E1.6 document has been broken into parts to facilitate its development and to better match the expertise of the people writing it.

This newest part is an offshoot of the BSR E1.6-3 project, Selection and Use of Serially Manufactured Electric Chain Hoists in the Entertainment Industry. That project is to specify how chain hoists can be used safely in entertainment applications, which are very different from the applications for chain hoists in factories and materials handling situations. It has became clear that chain hoist control system safety is a complex topic, so the Rigging Working Group, at its meeting on 13 July 2007, voted to give control systems their own E1.6 part and development project.


New Wireless Standards Set

In a move that could have broad implications for projector and other AV product development, the Standards Board of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) has raised the wireless LAN speed limit. IEEE 802.11b, the most widely used wireless local area network (WLAN) technology, has gotten a long-awaited increase in speed through a new amendment to the IEEE 802.11. The amendment, IEEE 802.11g, raises the data rate of IEEE 802.11b networks to 54 Mbps (megabits per second) from 11 Mbps.

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Vertigo Rigging moved into its new, larger premises on Tuesday, April 9, accompanied by new web and email addresses. The complex, sited near the company's former base in southeast London, gives Vertigo significantly greater space to expand its in-house facilities to meet rising demand.

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Rigging & Staging Demos

Experience rigging and staging demonstrations taking place every hour on the show floor. These demos, supported by the ESTA Foundation, are your backstage pass to learn what’s involved in getting ready for a big show. Seasoned industry professionals, including ETCP -Certified riggers, will use actual truss