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Pixel-Mapping the Empire State Building

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A grandMA2 was used to enhance the pixel mapping of the Empire State Building that launched the building’s Philips Color Kinetics (PCK) LED lighting system.

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The ESB recently revealed its new LED tower lights with a light show on the Landmark, which was designed by lighting designer Marc Brickman. The display featured six Hippo HD media servers, controlled by a grandMA2 and operated in conjunction with the PCK LSM control system and its associated network. The Hippos drove 11,500 pixel-mapped DMX channels to four types of Philips Color Kinetics RGB and white fixtures located on the building’s top four tiers where they replaced old metal halide and fluorescent fixtures. All four sides of the structure were pixel mapped making the landmark visible throughout the city and surrounding areas.

“It was an honor to work on the project,” said Brickman. “Everyone wanted to try something new and create a special musical show, and we did.”

He explained that Philips “felt they needed enhance their control system” to implement the pixel mapping. “I was familiar with using pixels; it’s still animated light. And the grandMA worked great,” he said.

Brickman was assisted by programmer Tony Fransen, 3-D artist Deitrich Juengling and Hippo programmer Darian Koop.


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Empire State Building Company Selects Lutron

Energy-saving lighting control manufacturer Lutron Electronics announced has been selected by the Empire State Building Company, LLC, owner of the Empire State Building (ESB), the World's Most Famous Office Building, to provide sustainable lighting control solutions for pre-built tenant spaces throughout the iconic, 1930s, pre-war structure.

Empire State Realty’s 57th Street Lobby Re-imagined with LED promo image

Empire State Realty’s 57th Street Lobby Re-imagined with LED

Empire State Realty Trust recently renovated its commercial office building lobby at 250 West 57th Street in mid-town Manhattan. The new Gensler-designed lobby features an 80 x 8-foot art installation in the form of a High Definition LED screen on the lobby ceiling.

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Pixel Mapping for Mixed Displays

As LED technology becomes more accessible and affordable for use in small to mid-sized corporate meetings, one of the first questions I'm generally asked is: "How do I create video for this?" The answer depends on a number of factors, including the size and pixel pitch of the various LED walls, the number of actual displays in use, and knowing how to use a streamlined content creation workflow.