Media Vision Expands Assistive Listening Product Line -

Media Vision Expands Assistive Listening Product Line

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Released for sale in February 2016, the Media Vision Assistive Listening product line has been expanded over the past few months with important new components and accessories giving even more flexibility in system design, usability, and expanding the application range.

The portable transmitter—model number MV-ALS-PTFM—together with the portable receivers and earphone/microphone accessories, now allow the solution to be specified for tour group applications. Tour group systems are used in museums, factories, large corporate campuses, and any loud environment where it is essential to keep a group together. 

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Media Vision Portable Transmitter

The Media Vision portable system has an operating range of 100 feet, on the 72-76MHz FM bandwidth. Small and elegantly designed, with a removable belt clip carry option, the solution is also very easy to maintain using standard AA batteries and easy to program from the transmitter or a user-friendly software interface. “We offer custom channel labeling, a key capability for tour group applications, and the software interface for all programming purposes is delivered free of charge,” said Patrick Herlihy, director of system solutions with Media Vision.

Media Vision has also announced a series of new releases and updates on various other components of its assistive listening product line: the Dante-enabled stationary transmitter is now available for purchase and delivered with rack-mounting kit included to avoid the hassle of ordering multiple parts separately, the accessories list has been enhanced with a new single-unit charger, a single earphone with solid frame, as well as an ADA assistive listening sign kit—adequate signage being a requirement for ADA compliance.

A video just released by Media Vision provides a tour of its solution and the guidelines to meet ADA compliance requirements in assembly areas using RF assistive listening systems. Click here to view the video.


Media Vision Releases New Price List promo image

Media Vision Releases New Price List

An updated Media Vision price list is now available to authorized dealers, including the full range of TAIDEN conference and interpretation systems, as well as Media Vision’s new assistive listening and multichannel streaming and recording solutions.

Media Vision Adds New Sales Leadership Positions promo image

Media Vision Adds New Sales Leadership Positions

Media Vision has expanded its sales department with Curtiss Singleton joining as VP of sales for The Americas, while a new department focusing on system solutions and headed by Patrick Herlihy will offer dedicated support to technology consultants.