Game, Set, And Match With Lighthouse -

Game, Set, And Match With Lighthouse

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CINA—Spectators at this year’s Tennis Masters in Shanghai were able to get even closer to the action with the provision of nearly 40 square meters of R4 4mm LED screens from Lighthouse Technologies.

The R4-S panels were chosen for this event because of their

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Nearly 40 square meters of 4mm LED panels were deployed at the Shanghai Masters. ultra-fine 4mm pixel pitch, 2,000 nits brightness, wide viewing angles, and a redesigned casing that makes each panel lightweight and extra slim. Because they incorporate a fanless design, they’re an excellent choice for indoor installations as well. In fact, Lighthouse LED panels are appearing at more and more sports venues around the world, indicating the increasingly important role Lighthouse and its LED technologies are playing in the world of sports.

“We are extremely proud to be the LED screen provider for the 2008 Tennis Masters. The R4-S screens we have installed at Qizhong Stadium reflect our continued commitment to making sports more exciting and accessible to sports fans everywhere,” comments Peter Chan, General Manager of Lighthouse Technologies.