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Lab X Technologies Expands into New Markets

Lab X Technologies, a provider of digital networking connectivity solutions for the pro audio/video industry, is expanding its services into new markets, including security and general networking.

  • Lab X says it creates networking solutions that enable various products to work together as part of an integrated system. "For example, an audio/video and lighting system for a world-class concert venue requires integrating hardware, software, cabling, audio and lighting control and other disparate technologies for a reliable and seamless installation. Lab X provides the expertise, technology and commitment to integrate those technologies associated with complete networking solutions."

“Lab X has developed a wealth of intellectual property and expertise in making complex systems successfully communicate with each other,” stated Lee Minich, president of Lab X. “With the evolving standards for digital connectivity, we see an opportunity in multiple areas for development, including state-of-the-art automotive audio/video/communications systems, advanced security installations, custom home integration, digital signage, professional event production, IT applications and more.”