Draft Electrical Safety Standards Available For Public

  • Two draft electrical safety standards are available for public review
  • on the ESTA website through July 30. They can be accessed at
  • www.esta.org/tsp/documents/public_review_docs.php.
  • BSR E.19 ? 200x, Recommended Practice for the use of Class A Ground-
  • Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCIs) intended for personnel protection in the entertainment industry, gives advice on where, when, and how to use
  • GFCIs rated for 100 A and less in the entertainment industry. Some
  • people will point out that GFCIs are not required by the National
  • Electrical Code (NFPA 70) in most entertainment venues, but if you have electricity, people, and water, using GFCIs might be the prudent thing to do. This document is intended to help.
  • BSR E1.32-200x, Recommended Practice for the Inspection of Entertainment Industry Luminaires, is designed to help electricians conduct regular inspections of lighting instruments. In working on the BSR E1.19 GFCI project, it has become clear to the working group that one of the causes of ground-fault circuit interrupters tripping on stages, in studios, and on location shoots is faulty lighting equipment. Regular inspection would allow faults to be identified and corrected so they aren't risks to personnel or causes of production delays. The review for this document ends when July 30 ends.
  • Please note that the website shows an ending date of July 31. The reviews are over when July 31 begins. For more information visit www.esta.org

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