New Technology Tools Help Senior Systems Accommodate Growth -

New Technology Tools Help Senior Systems Accommodate Growth

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CCS New England, an audio visual systems integrator, has completed its AV design and installation project with Senior Systems, which helps K-12 schools manage their operations with software offerings for the business office, academic office, and alumni/advancement office.

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 Senior System's Main Board Room

The company had four rooms outfitted with new audiovisual technology during the two-month project. With the new additions, Senior Systems representatives say that they can accommodate its continued growth and provide advanced training facilities.

In the Senior Systems boardroom, CCS installed an integrated video conferencing system that can connect multiple endpoints allowing them to see their colleagues and clients face-to-face without having to conduct as much travel. The room also features a 90-inch LED display and connections in the conference table for laptop users using the table’s built-in cubby system. Everything from the display and volume to the source selection and video conferencing systems can be controlled by a wireless touch panel.

In the Senior Systems Training Room, Visitor’s Conference Room, and in two additional meeting spaces, CCS installed ceiling-mounted projection systems and drop down screens. The conference tables in these rooms showcase connections for both audio and laptop connectivity which can seamlessly connect to the projector. The volume, source selection and connections can all be controlled by a wall controller.

“These high-tech upgrades are already increasing our efficiency and productivity and allow me to hold meetings with staff and clients throughout the country,” said president and chief executive officer, Senior Systems, Russell Alfieri. “The tools and software are completely streamlined and easy to use.”

CCS New England also outfitted the company’s reception area with a 55-inch digital display with a small form factor PC. This allows the customer to remotely prepare signage content using the Samsung Magic Info software package. Additionally, the content can be loaded over the network or with a USB drive allowing for it to be scheduled or quickly updated.

“In this digital age, AV tools are essential to conducting business effectively," vice president of CCS New England, Chis Gamst said. "Senior Systems is continuing to grow and expand and we were thrilled to build systems that support all their needs.”


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