AVI-SPL Technicians Test AMX Enova DGX Switcher

  • AMX recently allowed AVI-SPL technicians to test its Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher line in a live trial. During the demonstration at AVI-SPL’s Dallas offices, a technician with no familiarity of the switcher takes an Enova DGX 32 from an unpowered, unconnected state, to fully powered, connected, scaled HDMI/HDCP content in less than 60 seconds. The sources used were a Dell Laptop, Sony Blu-ray player and AMX Inspired XPress Digital Signage player.
  • The Enova DGX Digital Media Switchers feature AMX technologies like SmartScale and InstaGate Pro to prevent HDMI and scaling problems and reduce installation time.
  • When asked why the Enova DGX Digital Media Switcher was specified for a US Military facility, AVI-SPL Account Manager John Sublett said: “We chose the Enova DGX for this client because they will be pushing high resolution images to remote locations throughout the facility and conducting video conferences requiring high resolution image support. It was important that the DGX be simple to manage. Our clients are warfighters, not AV technicians. They needed the ability to plug-and-play any HDMI/HDCP supported source and know it would immediately show on any display regardless of size or supported resolution.”

Found on every video output of the DGX, SmartScale eliminates the impasses that can occur when sources and displays have different supported resolutions. InstaGate Pro technology removes delays associated with switching HDMI/HDCP and allows traditionally key limited source devices like Blu-ray players, satellite receivers and cable boxes, which often only have 1 or 2 keys, to be switched to all 16 or 32 outputs simultaneously, given the destination devices are HDCP compliant.

Click here to watch the trial.

For more information: www.amx.com

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