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d&b Silences Sound Issues at Whitesburg Baptist Church

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The Whitesburg Baptist Church of Huntsville, AL, has teamed up with Spectrum Sound to install a d&b audiotechnik loudspeaker system in the church in order to correct its sound issues.

"We've never really had a sound system that worked for our church," said director, Media Services, Whitesburg Baptist Church, Charles Malmede. "Since 1982, when the worship space was built, it has always been a challenge to provide full, consistent audio."

Twenty five hundred seats wrap 180 degrees around the sanctuary, including a full balcony. Using a variety of both traditional and contemporary music, an average service requires versatility from any sound system.

"There were complaints every week," Whitesburg Baptist's Malmede said. "Our goal is always +/- 3 dB, which was hard enough; but the real problem has always been the frequency. It was clear we needed to fix our sound, but we have never had any particular success in the past.”

Spectrum Sound's Ken DeBelius began consulting with Whitesburg Baptist.

"We've worked with d&b audiotechnik for years and they are our preferred loudspeaker systems," said Spectrum Sound's DeBelius. "After hearing the church's sound problems first hand, I knew the d&b ArrayCalc simulation software could help model the auditorium precisely and that we could then adjust loudspeaker positions and the settings specifically for that room. It's always accurate, and allows us to be very intentional with the system. Plus the d&b White range of loudspeakers was specifically designed for this type of installation: affordable, efficient, and aesthetically appropriate for any church."

Spectrum Sound's DeBelius brought Malmede, and other senior executives of the Whitesburg Baptist Church leadership team, to visit a similar installation in Nashville.

"I knew they would be able to hear the quality. We played a recording of lead pastor Dr. Jimmy Jackson and the difference was apparent," Spectrum Sound's DeBelius said. "It was so clear, everyone left convinced d&b would be their next sound system. It took almost two years for the purchase of these installation loudspeakers to be finalized and custom installed, but now that the d&b sound system is being used regularly at Whitesburg Baptist Church, it has exceed expectations. I am very proud of the results."

"There used to be at least a handful of complaints every week. I heard the full spectrum, too loud and too soft; fuzzy, and harsh; a wide range depending on seat. We even offered hearing aid devices for our older members," said Whitesburg Baptist's Malmede. "Now, no one asks to use one. They don't need to. It's amazing. I haven't had even one negative audio comment since we installed d&b in January. Not one. Dr. Jimmy has been lead pastor here for thirty five years. This is the first time he has been completely happy. Like every church, we have to be very thoughtful about our purchases. I think this new sound system was one of the wisest choices we have recently made."


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