Opticomm Celebrates Twenty Years

San Diego, CA - Founded in 1986 by present chairman and CEO, David Caidar, Opticomm was created with a vision to provide advanced, professional solutions for the optical transport of video, audio and data signals.

The past two decades have brought many changes to the fiber optics world. Clients demanding optical networking in the 1980s were primarily government and military. Opticomm first developed a reputation for providing rugged solutions while serving these markets.

The dielectric properties of fibers reduce electromagnetic-induced problems and the small size also makes efficient use of crowded conduits. Moreover, the fiber's high bandwidth transport capabilities, extended range transmission, and impenetrable, lightweight and secure composition result in fiber optic communication gaining widespread acceptance. This is evidenced by the estimated millions of miles of fiber optic cable now in place.

During the 1990s, the demand for dedicated fiber optical networking increased at overwhelming rates. Opticomm's operations expanded to developing and providing dependable solutions to additional vertical markets such as security/surveillance, broadcast/media, healthcare such as TeleMedicine, and traffic/transport such as rail and air.

Opticomm continues to take fiber optic transmission to new levels with a devotion to technological advancements that surpass industry expectations. Opticomm presently offers over 1,000 different product variations and caters to clients such as Boeing, the U.S. Army, Raytheon, NBC, Viacom and Walt Disney.

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