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Barco Consolidates, Expands in North America

  • Barco Media and Entertainment is expanding its major North American facility and consolidate all BM&E operations into one facility for increased efficiency and cooperation among associates offering better service to its customers in North America. An additional 40,000 square feet will allow for the relocation of its Logan, UT, operations. The move was scheduled to be complete by December 1; the Logan facility will be closed as of March 31, 2006.
  • “Consolidation of our Utah and Sacramento operations will enable Barco to improve internal efficiency for the Media and Entertainment Division,” said Mike Jones, vice president, Barco Media and Entertainment, North America.
  • Completion of construction at the Sacramento facility will bring the total working space to just over 80,000 square feet, making the Sacramento facility the North America headquarters for Barco Media, Events and Digital Cinema groups.
  • Barco’s specialized visualization solutions targeted at the needs of the Media & Entertainment industries are used at high-profile venues and events. Barco counts names such as U2, Ferrari, Louis Vuitton, Madonna and Daimler Chrysler, Clearchannel Spectacolor, as well as installations for Merrill Lynch, Kinepolis, China Film Group, Bank of America, Deutsche Bank, Reliant Park Stadium (USA) and Miami Heat NBA amongst some of its key references.
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