Brandon James Launches Opus Lighting

COLORADO, CO--Brandon James opened his brand new company Opus Lighting. With over 16 years of experience in the industry, James is well known for his extensive knowledge, especially in the area of color scrollers. "It is very exciting to be starting a new venture like this. We received our first order on March 1, 2008 and have been running full speed ever since. We have setup operations here in Colorado Springs with a facility that houses our offices and assembly operations. At this point, Opus will primarily be focusing on the production of gel strings," notes James. "However, there are several new products that we look forward to producing in the future."

Opus Lighting, named after the idea of a work of art on a grand scale, understands that the art of theatrical lighting is a medium where designers create new worlds and open possibilities to the audience. Opus products are a tool for designers to help realize, produce, and illuminate that art. James is dedicated to the idea that Opus Lighting produces the highest caliber products while offering superior customer service. "I understand the importance of time, quality, and customer satisfaction. I have always worked to not just meet but exceed my customers and in turn their clients' expectations," explains James.

Opus Lighting can produce color strings for the entire range of color scrollers available in the industry from different manufacturers. "We use GAM, Rosco, Lee Filters, and Apollo color filters. Our gel boards create precision cutting, guaranteeing the desired specifications of the customer. There are elements that need to be done perfectly and the right materials need to be used for the scrollers to work properly and consistently. Accuracy and attention to detail are important to making a superior quality product and that is what I want produced at Opus Lighting," emphasizes James. "Also, because time is critical in this industry, we offer overnight fabrication and shipping of color strings yet still guaranteeing the quality of the strings."

Opus Lighting is growing its dealer network daily, making their product widely available throughout the industry at theatrical dealers and production houses. "Designers should request Opus color strings when placing their orders," points out James, "or they can contact Opus to learn where to get our products." Dealers can fax their orders to 719-434-7356 or email them to


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