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IsoAcoustics Appoints Audio Plus Services/Plurison as Distributor

  • IsoAcoustics has appointed Audio Plus Services (USA) and sister Canadian company Plurison (Canada) as distributor for its line of acoustic isolation products for the Hi-Fi and professional audio markets throughout the U.S. and Canada.
  • Audio Plus Services/Plurison is the internationally known distributor of leading high-end Hi-Fi and professional brands, such as Focal, Naim, Cambridge Audio, SPL, and many others.
  • “We are excited to work with Audio Plus Services/Plurison, which have a proven track record and will lead our expansion into the Hi-Fi marketplace,” said IsoAcoustics president Dave Morrison. “IsoAcoustics is rapidly expanding our product offerings internationally, and we now have distribution in more than 50 countries worldwide.”
  • "Audio Plus Services/Plurison has been a longtime fan of IsoAcoustics products since their introduction,” said Audio Plus Services/Plurison owner Daniel Jacques. “We look forward to the opportunity to develop synergy between our two companies and expand the product offerings in the U.S. and Canada.”
  • IsoAcoustics’ line of acoustic isolation products include the new aluminum Aperta stands designed for medium-sized bookshelf, desktop, and floor-standing speakers and the Modular Series, which can be custom configured to meet a variety of applications, as well as a variety of other stands to complement virtually any speaker, studio monitor, or subwoofer. All of IsoAcoustics isolation stands provide an aesthetically pleasing and cost-effective means to markedly enhance the sound clarity and transparency of speakers, using the company’s patented “floating design” that decouples the speakers from their supporting surfaces.