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New Products: July 2011

New Products: July 2011

Hitachi Z-HD5000 Camera

Hitachi’s Z-HD5000 camera was developed to offer customers price performance with functionality and quality. The two-piece dockable camera offers the flexibility needed for multipurpose applications including studio, field, and mobile video production. Offering high light sensitivity coupled with low vertical smear, the Z-HD5000’s three 2/3-inch native 1080i CCD sensors produce 850 TVL of resolution, F10@2000 Lux, and HD signal to noise (SNR) level of 58db for a sharp, clean HD picture.

Bose RoomMatch Loudspeakers

Bose RoomMatch array module loudspeakers deliver concert-quality sound for fixed installations in rooms of most sizes, shapes, and acoustic requirements, regardless of the budget. Through Bose proprietary technologies, RoomMatch modules offer scalability that allows them to be used singularly in applications with modest SPL and coverage-control requirements, or to form Progressive Directivity Arrays for the highest SPL and coverage-control requirements. RoomMatch modules form a new class of curvilinear arrays that allow seamless audio quality, with consistent front-to-back and side-to-side tonal balance.

Crestron AMP Series

Crestron’s line of energy-efficient AMP Series amplifiers helps meet energy savings objectives and green initiatives without sacrificing audio performance. Designed for energy efficiency, high-end audio performance and versatility in a wide variety of commercial environments, AMP series amplifiers offer more than twice the power of other amps in its class. Featuring a high-efficiency amp topology and low noise, low distortion performance, the AMP Series provides more headroom for powering larger rooms. Channel selectable for either 70V or 100V, any AMP can be used in both U.S. and international environments.

Sanyo PLC-HP7000L Projector

Sanyo’s new full HD projector developed for the professional market that utilizes the company’s QuaDrive engine to achieve a brightness of 7,000 lumens with a single lamp. The PLCHP7000L produces 1920x1080 resolution and full 10-bit video processing, with exceptional color reproduction in a portable package. Using inorganic panels and a single high watt lamp, the QuaDrive optical engine in the PLC-HP7000 produces 7,000 lumens of brightness. Extending the active use time of the projector without maintenance to 10,000 hours, Sanyo’s long-life Active Maintenance Filter (AMF) system gives the projector a very high level of reliability with reduced maintenance costs.

Tannoy OCV Series

Tannoy’s OCV Series pendant loudspeakers deliver acoustic performance and value in an architecturally sensitive, self-contained, lightweight, cylindrical enclosure. Engineered specifically for applications where consistent and high quality audio coverage is required in high or openceiling spaces, such as transport terminus, shopping malls, or large double or triple height commercial floors, without compromising clarity, intelligibility, and SPL. The cylindrical form-factor was conceived to meet the exacting demands of the architectural sector, minimizing the impact on spatial aesthetics and allowing the systems designer to locate the loudspeakers discretely in a manner that won’t conflict with other suspended systems such as lighting fixtures and ventilation.

Contemporary Research RF QCA9-33 Combiner

Contemporary Research QCA9-33 is an active RF combiner that features eight high-level inputs and one low-level input, combining with high isolation, and amplifying up to a 33 dBmV output level. Designed for QMOD HDTV applications, the eight RF inputs typically receive 29 dBmV RF from QMOD HDTV modulators. The ninth input is for up to 19 dBmV RF signals, such as incoming cable feed, a control channel from an ICE-HE Head End control modulator, or another QMOD or QCA9-33. Up to eight QCA9-33 combiners can feed a single combiner to deliver up to 76 channels. The low-noise, wideband 860 MHz amplifier compensates for combining losses and adds 3 dBmV of gain, typically supplying a total output of up to 33 dBmV.

Allen & Heath iLive iPad App

Allen & Heath has released an iPad application for its iLive digital mixing system. iLive MixPad connects to an iLive MixRack on a wireless network and provides the essential controls for live mixing, including channel faders and mutes, DCA faders and mutes, image controls, aux sends, channel processing, mic-pre control and full metering. Channel processing encompasses high-pass filters, gates, parametric and graphic EQ s, compressors, limiters/de-essers and delays.

Harman HiQnet System Architect Version 3.0

Harman Professional’s HiQnet System Architect Version 3.0 system configuration software is the first version to provide audio video bridging (AVB) capabilities. Version 3.0 offers AVB networked audio routing support, along with additional functionality, including support for the dbx SC 32 and SC 64 Digital Matrix Processors and the BSS Audio/NETGEAR GS724T 24-Port ethernet AVB switch. Version 3.0 enables designers to configure a Harman AVB-based AV system using a simplified graphical interface for audio routing. Signals are routed by dragging and dropping from a filterable list of all available source AVB signals onto the destination device icon in the main workspace, singly or multiple at a time. Releasing the mouse launches a pop-up routing dialog for the destination device and signals are assigned to available channel inputs.

NEC V Series

NEC Display Solutions introduced three models to its commercialgrade V Series large-screen display product line. The V Series includes full 1080p high-definition resolution, built-in low-profile 10-watt speakers, and a built-in expansion slot that allows for integration of NEC accessories, third-party components, and Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) products. Additionally, the new DVI loop-through option allows customers to pass a digital signal from one device to the next, thereby eliminating the need for additional hardware, such as a DVI daisy chain module.

BenQ SH960 Projector

BenQ’s new SH960 high brightness projector utilizes 1080p native resolution and BrilliantColor technology, creating bright and vibrant images on any surface. With brightness of 5,500 ANSI lumens, the SH960 projects brilliant images even in the presence of ambient light. The SH960 is equipped with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio and a native 16:9 aspect ratio with a full 1.07 billion-color palette. The projector’s dual-lamp design allows users to opt for maximum brightness or choose an ecomode that extends lamp life by up to 30 percent.

Xantech BDXTT Bluetooth Receiver

Xantech’s BDXTT stereo bluetooth receiver provides a wireless connection between any A2DP stereo bluetooth-enabled audio source and any single or multi-zone audio system. The Xantech BDXTT pairs with stereo bluetooth A2DP devices over an operating distance of up to 80 feet. Each receiver features an individual alphanumeric ID, allowing multiple units to be installed in a multi-zone application. Stereo bluetooth A2DP-paired audio source devices may be integrated into Xantech multi-zone audio systems using the Xantech MX88/MRC88 controller, digital delivery system, or any other audio amplifier or amplified speaker with RCA or 3.5-mm stereo mini-phone inputs.

TV One CORIOmaster C3-540 Series

Using TV One’s latest CORIO 3 technology, the CORIOmaster C3-540 Series gives the user access to new levels of video processing power to achieve new heights of creative and dynamic video displays. All this is possible in one 4RU chassis. CORIO3 video processing technology allows the use of layouts, which define where each output is used. Outputs can be independently rotated through 360 degrees in real-time, without adding delay, for use in creative video wall applications. Projectors can be used off axis with brightness controls to aid in an even distribution of the projected image. Warping controls allow for projection on curved surfaces and multiple layouts can be used at the same time or one layout can be designed to tie multiple projectors or monitors together as one large image.

Aurora LXB-200

Aurora’s LXB-200 is a low cost, intelligent button controller with integrated display screen for multi-function/multi-layer control. In addition, the LXB-200’s web server allows external remote control via any web browser enabled device. The LXB-200 is fully programmable and can be actuated via the optional IR remote control. It has unlimited port expandability via 10/100 LAN with any product from the Aurora control system line. The button controller is a complete system when combined with audio controls for volume, bass, treble, and audio playback with optional IP paging.

Analog Way Eikos

Analog Way’s Eikos is a multi layer mixer, scaler, and seamless switcher offering up to 12 inputs, including four fitted with SDI and two fitted with DVI-D. Eikos offers three operating modes: multi layer mixer, 12x2 seamless native matrix, and QuadraVision modes. In multi layer mixer mode, Eikos can display up to six layers: three live sources, one frame and two logos. Up to two PIPs can be displayed on a live background, or three PIPs on a still background. Users can customize live layers. New effects are also available and can be combined during transitions. Eikos offers a classic preview as well as a still mosaic full preview function. Eikos also offers a 12x2 scaled native matrix with true seamless switching.

Christie Nitro Solutions Digital Luminaires

Christie’s Nitro Solutions digital luminaires are a modular series of motorized moving yokes providing up to 20,000 ANSI lumens of video projection, creating high brightness imagery on any surface. With the optional Xenon or LED lighting heads, the system can produce up to 50,000 lumens of lighting. Nitro Solutions can be installed at ground level or rigged to a truss. Christie Nitro Solutions offer two motorized yoke options: a dual-arm yoke for larger video projectors ranging from 12,000 to 20,000 ANSI lumens, and a single-arm yoke for projectors ranging from 5,700 to 15,000 ANSI lumens. The modular approach of Christie Nitro Solutions expands the effectiveness of the moving yoke platform by allowing users to use the yoke with a video projector or light head.

ViewSonic Pro9500 LCD Projector

ViewSonic’s Pro9500 high brightness LCD projector is equipped with 3LCD technology, providing for vibrantly realistic visuals, making it appropriate for lecture halls, auditoriums, boardrooms, and classrooms. By delivering 5,000 lumens and a 3,500:1 contrast ratio with a 1024x768 XGA resolution, the Pro9500 shines in virtually any lighting situation. The projector is paired with two speakers for 16-watt stereo sound. For added convenience, users can schedule, manage, and monitor the projector remotely and receive e-mail alerts of lamp status through the Pro9500’s RJ45 connection.

Aphex Exciter

Aphex’s Exciter is a newly updated version of the classic Aural Exciter and Optical Big Bottom. Each of its two independent channels feature tune and mix controls to focus on select frequencies like a traditional EQ , but without the unwanted output level gain.

RTI RK10 In-Wall Touchpanel Controller

RTI’s RK10 in-wall touchpanel controller offers the size, power, and flexibility required in commercial environments. A 10.2-inch TFT widescreen LCD touchscreen and a fully customizable interface cater specifically to installations with many first-time or infrequent users. The RK10 easily takes full command of a room’s electronics, lighting, HVAC, security, and more, utilizing an Intel Atom processor. Communication options include a built-in wired and wireless (802.11 b/g) ethernet connection for access to network security cameras, web browsing, convenient programming, and full two-way communication with RTI XP series control processors.

Apantac TAHOMA-Mini-Q

Apantac’s TAHOMA-Mini-Q multiviewer is a fixed quad-split multiviewer that auto-detects four 3G/HD/SD-SDI and composite (PAL/NTSC) signal inputs and displays them as DVI, HDMI, HD-SDI or VGA signals on a single display. It supports output resolutions up to 1920x1200, including 1080p. It can be used as a standalone quad-split multiviewer or expanded to a full system where up to eight hot-swappable TAHOMA-Mini-Q modules can be combined in a 3RU rack frame with hot swappable redundant power supplies. The TAHOMA-MiniQ is based on the standard Apantac TAHOMA architecture, which divides operational modules into specific video processing and control elements and includes features such as built-in Cat-X extenders to extend and display video signals up to 115 feet away from the multiviewer.

Visionary Solutions AVN Series IPTV Encoders

Visionary Solutions’ enhanced AVN series IPTV encoders feature a new order fulfillment scheme for new product modules. The company’s AVN422, AVN441, and AVN443 encoders are now available in both standard definition (SD) and high definition (HD) configurations. However, the new customization options also enable simple field upgrades, so SD modules can easily be upgraded to 720p, 1080i, or 1080p HD with simple software updates. Modules can also be upgraded with pro-MPEG forward error correction, as required.

Platinum Tools EZ-SnapJack

Platinum Tools’ EZ -SnapJack Cat5e and Cat6 self-terminating wall jack has been designed to fit industry standard wall plates and is for new or retrofit commercial network and home automation installations. With the EZ -SnapJack, there is no need for eight punch downs and the installer can repair damaged jacks on the spot. The EZ -SnapJack is available in multiple colors and weighs in at only 0.3 ounces. An included wire guide ensures pairs stay in proper order for fast, easy termination.


Atlona’s KIT-PROHD3 digital connectivity testing kit allows integrators to diagnose 99 percent of all system digital connectivity issues in moments, saving both time and overhead. Packaged in a Pelican case, the kit includes the AT-HD800 signal generator, which allows users to send a variety of high-resolution testing patterns in both 2D and multiple 3D formats and pinpoint interoperability issues in sources, cables, extenders, switchers, AVRs, distribution amplifiers, and displays. The AT-DVI4-100SR and AT-HD4-V110SR are solutions for remotely located computers, video codecs, and matrix switchers. Featuring HDBaseT technology, the units extend DVI and HDMI transmissions up to 350 feet with resolutions up to 4K x 2K over a single Cat-5/6/7 cable, while providing bidirectional RS-232, IR, and ethernet pass through.

Lowell Manufacturing Racks

Lowell Manufacturing is introducing three new rack designs. The LXR is a knockdown floor rack with a slim footprint that’s designed to accommodate electronics and fit in a closet or similar narrow space. It offers an extensive selection of options and will be available in 8-44RU with 21- or 26-inch depth. The LPOR is a straight-pull-out rack that provides convenient access to electronic equipment stored inside cabinets or credenzas. The rack will ship unassembled and be offered in 10-21RU with 19-inch depth. The LWS R-F is a new style of wallmounted rack with swing-open access. The economical design features fixed mounting rails and will be available in 7-16RU with 22-inch depth.

beyerdynamic Synexis

The beyerdynamic Synexis wireless RF transmission system can be used for guided tours, interpreting and assistive listening, or as a command system. Operation in the licenseand registration-free 863- 865 MHz frequency range is possible at all times. On guided tours, up to eight groups can participate at the same time and independently of each other. Furthermore, thanks to the latest UHF radio technology, Synexis can be used both indoors and in the open air. The Synexis transmitter and receiver units feature high speech intelligibility and user-friendliness. The hand-held transmitter also has three mute functions allowing the user to conduct brief private conversations without involving others.

Peerless Industries DSVWC-560

Peerless Industries’ DSVWC-560 two-in-one movable display panel cart/stand holds up to four 40- to 60-inch digital screens for on-the-go presentations. Easily movable by one person even at full capacity, the product is constructed of welded high-quality steel for strength, engineered to avoid tipping, and equipped with industrial swiveled casters for maneuverability. A horizontal rail system allows side-by-side displays to be adjusted for a seamless appearance. The cart can be converted to a stand by replacing the wheels with an optional Peerless leg accessory leveler.

Vaddio CeilingVIEW HD HideAway Camera Lift

Built for the Vaddio ClearVIEW HD 18/19/20 family of cameras, the CeilingVIEW HD HideAway Camera Lift provides an ideal mounting solution for concealing the camera above a ceiling when not in use. While in use, the camera is quietly lowered from the ceiling, and when turned off, it will automatically retract back into the ceiling. The cameras, mount, and cabling are all concealed within the lift system backbox in the ceiling. The HideAway also provides a more secure mount for the camera, deterring theft or tampering.

FSR FLEX-LT Room Control System

FS R’s FLEX -LT room control system has the ability to operate a fullrange of AV equipment with simple fingertip operation. The versatile unit mounts in a wall or sits on a surface to present an operatorfriendly color touchscreen. Non-technical users can operate the system effortlessly, control the various sources, change the volume, turn lights on and off, raise or lower the shades or screen, and much more with a simple touch.

Sennheiser ME Series

Sennheiser’s installed sound microphones from the ME series are now available in white. The suspended microphones blend harmoniously into the background in public buildings, conference rooms or churches. The ME 34 W (cardioid), ME 35 W (supercardioid) and ME 36 W (super-cardioid/lobar) microphone heads can be combined with white accessories such as a short gooseneck (MZH 3015 W), a metal ceiling hanger for attaching and aligning the microphone head (MZH 30 W) and a twist-free, 30-foot cable with a cable winder (MZC 30 W).

QSC KLA Series

QS C’s new KLA Series active line array system is the latest addition to the House of K family of active loudspeakers, joining the K Series and KW Series. Available in black and white, the KLA Series is comprised of two models, the KLA12 a 12-inch, twoway, line array element and the KLA181 an 18-inch direct radiating subwoofer. KLA12 is an 18-degree fixed-arcuate line array element allowing installers to create a 90x90 degree array using only five KLA12 enclosures. Innovations unique to the KLA Series include Ar-Q (Arcuate Equalization) tuning and configuration and the SO LO (Single Operator Logistics) rigging system.

Outline Mini-Com.P.A.S.S. iMode

Outline’s Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iMode Line Array powered speakers offer a streamlined, compact cabinet design. Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iMode is for the small- to medium-sized systems for touring or fixed installations. Mini-COM.P.A.S.S. iMode is a self-powered, bi-amped loudspeaker cabinet used as a vertical line array (VLA) system. This compact loudspeaker system features two 1.75-inch compression drivers and four 5-inch mid woofers delivering a peak SPL of 141 dB at 1 meter with four enclosures and a frequency response of 100 to 20kHz. The cabinet utilizes two of Outline’s double parabolic reflective waveguides, a technology developed and patented by Outline for its butterfly line array systems covering the high frequency section.

Draper FocalPoint

With sizes to meet typical screen inventories, FocalPoint is designed for smaller venues than the StageScreen: breakout rooms, meeting rooms, and other places a fast, easy set up is needed. With frame segments made of sturdy extruded aluminum, the FocalPoint is rigid and durable while remaining lightweight. With no hinges, the FocalPoint features quick and easy assembly. All available sizes of FocalPoint are built from combinations of the same frame segments in short easy to use lengths.

Sony EVI Camera Series

The EVI-H100S and EVIH100V cameras expand the EVI HD lineup with their full, native HD (1920x1080) sensor. The 1/2.8-type Exmor CMOS sensor has a minimum illumination of 0.5 lx in high sensitivity mode, 1.7 lx in normal mode. Optical zoom capabilities have increased to a full 20x with an additional 12x digital zoom compared to existing EVI HD cameras. The EVI-H100S outputs HD through HD-SDI and SD via VBS while the EVI-H100V utilizes a DVI interface and offers analog component (YPbPr) output for HD-only.

Calibre UK HQView520

Calibre UK’s HQView520 is a scaler/switcher/scan convertor designed to address the very latest trends in AV system design and integration. The HQView520 switches, scales, scan-converts and edge-blends multiple images, and also performs warp mapping so that those images can be projected onto curved screens. The new 520 will also perform sub-pixel precise image alignment for stacked pairs of projectors used for 3D applications. Like the other products in the HQView500 series, the 520 has a 3G-SDI input and output capability, as well as backwards compatibility with HD-SDI and SD-SDI formats.

Wohler Presto Video Switcher

Wohler’s Presto is a video switcher that makes 16 3G/HD/SD-SDI video channels readily available for monitoring and straightforward switching via integrated OLED pushbuttons. Following on the success of Wohler’s Touch-It Digital multichannel video monitor and controller, Presto is a compact 1RU solution with 16 OLED screens, each of which serves as a switching button that displays the video stream from any source.

Califone New Headphone Series

Califone has four new headphone series. The professional-grade, computer-friendly Odyssey Series is designed for heavy-duty use and is Windows and Mac compatible. Its replaceable 6-foot cord withstands 250,000 flexes, and with a cord change, enables the same headphone to operate instead in mono or stereo mode for added flexibility. Also Windows and Mac compatible, the Explorer Series features dynamic, thin Mylar diaphragm speakers that deliver high performance sound for higher quality reproduction of voice and music. The professional-grade Discovery Series headset is designed for heavy-duty use with CD/DVD players, TVs, tape players, and most computers. The 610 Series is known for its comfort, quality, versatility, and affordability.

RTW TouchMonitor

RTW’s TouchMonitor series is a range of products that RTW designed to support all relevant loudness recommendations, such as EBUR128 or ATSC A/85, with true peak metering, flexible I/O options with up to 16/32 input channels, a fully modular software design and more. The TM9 combines flexibility and modularity with an intuitive, nine-inch GUI touchscreen. RTW recently introduced a new firmware, version 1.14 for the TouchMonitor series, which includes various performance and stability optimizations, as well as new function enhancements and improved ergonomics.

One Systems SF-4

One Systems’ SF -4 analog high-pass filter system is a line level device designed for public address or sound reinforcement systems immediately prior to the main system’s amplifier. The SF -4 features very high-quality balanced input and output circuitry, with controls located on the rear panel to prevent tampering. It also features a multivoltage switchable power supply for compatibility with any voltage and frequency. Every sound reinforcement loudspeaker requires highpass filtering to deliver its highest dynamic range, lowest distortion, and maximum reliability. For systems that don’t require expensive, complicated digital processing, One Systems will now offer the SF -4 analog high-pass filter.

FOR-A FA-9500 Multipurpose Signal Processor

FOR-A’s FA-9500 multipurpose signal processor offers frame sync and video and audio conversion tools, as well as a variety of options for improved video production functionality. It supports 3G-SDI, HD/SD-SDI, and analog composite I/O, and provides up/ down/cross/aspect converters, second converter, color corrector, and automatic video optimizer as standard features.

Mitsubishi/Thinklogical VelSys3

Through a joint development effort, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America and Thinklogical bring fiber optics to Mitsubishi’s Seventy Series data wall cubes and tiled flat panels. The Velocity Router Series Receiver—the VelSys3 fiber optic input card—plugs directly into Mitsubishi Seventy Series DLP cubes and Seventy Series flat monitors, as an optional input board. The system includes a Thinklogical Velocity 3 transmitter module, which encodes a DVI input signal into optical information for fiber-optic transmission. The module takes this information and presents it in a parallel format for Mitsubishi’s video processor. This eliminates copper-wire cabling between the video source and the display wall. The VelSys3 fiber input card eliminates the need for external fiber receivers, DVI cabling, and associated power supplies. It accepts dual 6.25 Gbps inputs through a set of LC fiberoptic connectors.

WolfVision 3D Visualizer

WolfVision is exploring the potential for professional Visualizer applications in 3D, whether in science and education, product design and engineering, medical and telemedicine, or videoconferencing/ telepresence. The process begins with the cameras. First, WolfVision Visualizers generate high quality stereo images, which are then converted to a 3D format in realtime. The image is then viewed onscreen using 3D polarizing glasses. This concept allows participants to see the material on the screen as if they were standing directly in front of it. For individuals requiring in-depth training of material in the field, this re-creates the actual object they will interact with and facilitates a deeper level of understanding.

Casio Lamp-Free Projection Portfolio

Building on Casio’s SLIM product line, Casio has introduced a new portfolio of projector products, which include enhanced connectivity, improved audio, higher brightness levels, and 3D capabilities. All of the new models are built using laser and LED hybrid light source technology. By eliminating the use of mercury lamps, Casio’s laser and LED hybrid light source allows consumers to streamline costs and count on a 20,000-hour estimated life. Laser and LED hybrid light source combines blue laser light and a fluorescent element to generate a high output of green light. The green light, blue laser light, and the light emitted by a red LED are projected through a DLP chip which, in turn, is passed through the projection lens to form an image.

VMP PM-LPM Yokeless Low- Profile Projector Mount

Video Mount Products’ PM-LPM yokeless low-profile projector mount has been designed with a high-load capacity, rugged housing, low profile, tilt, and full rotation. It is compliant with leading projectors featuring mounting holes inside 14.5-inch diameter, and is available in silver and black powder coat finishes.

Mitsubishi Seventy Series

The latest options for Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America’s Seventy Series data wall cubes consist of a new Cross Black Screen and a high-brightness LED engine (VS-PE75U). Mitsubishi’s modular Seventy Series cubes can be upgraded to the latest technology. The new Cross Black Screens will be available as a special order for the various size cubes that Mitsubishi offers: 50-inch, 60-inch, 67-inch, and 80-inch. The screens are available in either front- or rear-service-orientations. The Cross Black Screen offers the best of two screen worlds: greater viewing angles inherent in Black Bead screens, and brightness gain traditionally found in Black Stripe screens. The high-brightness LED engine combines the latest LED technology with Mitsubishi’s LED driver.

GefenPRO ELR Extender

Gefen’s Extra Long Range (ELR) extender for HDMI using power over line (PoL) technology uses a traditional sender/receiver method to extend HDMI with 3DTV pass-through, IR, RS-232, ethernet and power up to 330 feet in distance using one Cat-5 cable. Gefen PoL technology is based on the power over ethernet standard and frees the receiver from power requirements while providing an additional five volts to power supplemental hardware, such as a switcher, splitter, or scaler. The GefenPRO ELR Extender for HDMI over Cat-5 with POL II offers an optional receiver unit equipped with one additional HDMI input, so users can automatically switch between two HDMI sources, one connected to the sender, and the other connected to the receiver.

Extron SME 100

The Extron SME 100 is a live streaming media encoder that interfaces with DVI, RGB, HDTV, and standard definition signals for delivering media over IP networks. It features an integrated three-input switcher with audio, plus buffered loop-throughs for simplified integration into AV systems. The SME 100 employs standards-based H.264/ MPEG-4 AVC encoding, and outputs an IP stream that can be decoded and viewed on desktop or laptop PCs. High performance Extron signal processing scales and optimizes video input signals for the intended viewing application or targeted bit rate with high quality.

Audix Micro-HP

Audix’s Micro-HP microphone utilizes a cardioid polar pattern to capture the attack of the head, as well as the tonality and transients of the instrument. The Micro-HP has the ability to handle very high sound pressure levels without distortion, to isolate the sound of each instrument in a percussion ensemble, and to minimize gain before feedback for live stage applications. A rubber shock mount and protective anodized aluminum ring provides maximum vibration control. The flexible, gooseneck design of the DCLAMP allows the artist or sound engineer to place the Micro-HP quickly and easily into position for the most optimum sound. The micro design keeps the mic out of the way of the player’s path, and the low profile mounting system eliminates the need for a bulky mic stand.

Avlex MIPRO Act-3

Avlex’s MIPRO ACT-3 Series Diversity wireless microphone systems consists of the MIPRO ACT-311 single channel, ACT- 311T dual channel, ACT-312 dual channel, and ACT-312T quad channel UHF Diversity receivers. The MIPRO ACT-3 Series Diversity wireless microphone systems are appropriate for use in live performance, churches, theater, presentations, and other applications where bandwidth is restricted. Housed in either half or 1U rack mountable configurations, the MIPRO ACT-311, ACT-311T, ACT-312, and ACT-312T receivers incorporate diversity technology with a range of UHF 620-934 MHz for optimum reception. Each receiver offers 961 selectable frequencies and eight preset compatible channels per band.

Kramer TP-582T and TP-582R

Kramer Electronics’ TP-582T HDMI switcher/line transmitter and the TP-582R HDMI DA/line receiver employ HDBaseT technology to pass HDMI, IR, RS-232, and ethernet signals over twisted pair cable. The TP-581T and TP- 582R are a twisted pair transmitter and receiver for HDMI, 100BaseT ethernet, bidirectional RS-232 and IR signals. The TP-581T converts HDMI, 100BaseT ethernet, RS-232 and IR input signals to an HDBaseT twisted pair signal. The TP-582R converts the HDBaseT signal back to HMDI, 100BaseT ethernet, RS-232 and IR signals and provides dual HDMI outputs. The TP-582R also de-embeds the audio in the HDMI stream to an S/PDIF and TOS LINK digital audio output. The TP-582T differs from the TP-581T in that it has two HDMI inputs and can switch between the two inputs.

Clear-Com HME DX210

Clear-Com’s HME DX210 wireless intercom system is a two-channel system that is now compatible with Clear-Com’s or RTS’ two-wire systems and provides two separate two-wire and fourwire interconnections. The 1RU base station supports up to 16 fullduplex and 44 half-duplex beltpacks and/or wireless headsets by linking four base stations. The DX210 is paired with the BP210 beltpack and all-in-one WH210 wireless headset Communicators, which have two intercom buttons (IC1/IC2) with ISO . The system is also backward compatible with the DX200 Communicator models such as BP200, WH200 and WS 200. One of the features in the HME DX210 is a digital auto-nulling circuit, which allows users to eliminate the return audio of the wired two-wire intercom automatically.

Premier Mounts EST100 and EST200

Premier Mounts’ ES T100 and ES T200 short-throw projector wall mounts are economically priced for smaller classroom settings. Each mount fits most projectors weighing up to 25 pounds, and includes a universal projector mount that comes with leveling barrels and LockIt security hardware. The ES T100 is a single stud short-throw projector wall mount that is simple to install and can hold projectors up to 25 pounds. The included universal projector mount allows installers to place the projector anywhere along the arm thanks to the sliding plate, which can be tightened using a small screw to provide stability. The ES T200 also offers flexibility with placement thanks to its dual stud wall plate, which provides options for mounting on 12- to 16-inch studs. It has built-in lateral shift for positioning the mounting arm precisely where it is needed post-installation.

CSI Copperlink 2353

Communications Specialties’ Copperlink 2353 converts 3G/ HD/SD-SDI and embedded audio to HDMI with stereo audio. The Copperlink 2353 accepts a SMPTE compliant 3G/ HD/SD-SDI input via coaxial and automatically detects and selects the output resolution with no scaling and converts it to HDMI. If audio is present in the SDI data stream, the operator can choose one of up to eight pairs of stereo audio to embed into the HDMI baseband signal as well as output on the convenient audio RCA connections. Alternatively, the operator may choose to mute any existing audio. The Copperlink 2353 supports SMPTE 259M, 292, and 424M- 2006, and the input signal is equalized and reclocked. Standard on Copperlink 2353 is a reclocked BNC loop output for continuous 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal distribution.

Radial Engineering Workhorse WR8 500

Radial Engineering’s Workhorse WR8 500 series rack and optional WM8 eight channel summing mixer is an eight-slot 500 series mixer that is compatible with all standard 500 series modules. Individual XLR inputs and outputs are complemented with parallel quarter-inch TRS connectors and Pro-Tools compatible 25 pin D-subs.

RDL HD Series

RDL’s HD Series 35 watt mixer amplifiers feature an internal low-power-consumption processor that monitors usage demands to completely shut down internal circuitry. These amplifiers draw less than one watt of mains power while in standby mode and automatically turn on when an audio input signal is detected. The HD-MA35U/A is a four input mixer amplifier, the HD-PA35U/A is a single input amplifier and the HD-RA35U/A is a four input remote controlled mixer amplifier. All models are available with either a 4/8-Ohm or constant voltage (25, 70, or 100 volt) output.

DiGiCo Audinate Dante

DiGiCo’s Audinate Dante digital networking solution products deliver a self-configuring, plugand- play digital audio network that uses standard IPs. Using the newly released DiGiCo-Control software, the user can control all the functions of the rack via a standard network connection. This control includes the high quality pre amp gains and access to most DAWs for recording via the Dante network. All of this is enabled via one Cat-5 cable, with the ability to have a second connection offering redundancy of recording.

Liberty AV Installer’s Choice ETN Series

The Liberty AV Installer’s Choice ETN Series rack can be tailormade to the specifications of any application by selecting from a host of accessories designed to give better organization to AV components. With static load ratings of 12,250 pounds, ETN racks are available in six different heights (18RU, 21RU, 27RU, 35RU, 40RU, and 44RU), depths of 20 and 25 inches, and a width of 22 inches. Fullywelded construction ensures strength and stability while powder coated black finishes protect against scratches and dings.

Atlona VGA Extenders

Atlona Technologies’ passive wall plate and box-style VGA extenders send video signals over a single Cat-5/6/7 cable up to 330 feet at resolutions up to 1280x1024. The extenders are plug-and-play solutions, requiring no drivers or software, and they do not rely on an external power source. The devices are compatible with any computer. Atlona’s VGA extender offering includes the AT-WPVGA-S wall plate extender transmitter and AT-WPVGA-R receiver; and the AT-VGA100-SR wall plate extender kit, which includes both a transmitter and receiver. The AT-WPVGA-S, AT-WPVGA-R, AT-VGA100-S, and AT-VGA100-R extenders can be mixed and matched with each other, with wall plate transmitters and receivers working with box transmitters and receivers, and vice versa.

Lab X Titanium 411

Lab X Technologies’ Titanium 411 1GB audio video bridging (AVB) ethernet switch supports IEEE 802.1 ethernet AVB, and is ideal for installed and live sound, including networked line arrays and speaker clusters, remote-networked equipment and on-stage, and FO H applications, among others. Titanium 411 utilizes ruggedized connectors, industry standard SF Psupporting long haul fiber, plus flexible copper port and mounting options, capable of handling hundreds of AV media streams per AVB port. Lab X’s Titanium 411 boasts four rear-mount 1GB RJ45 copper interfaces using locking EtherCon connectors, along with an SF P slot to accommodate standard fiber modules or additional copper interfaces, and network activity LED lights on the front and back of the unit.

Black Box Modular HD View NEC Integrated Receivers

Modular HD View NEC Integrated Receivers from Black Box plug into any NEC LCD display that has an expansion slot, so they’re appropriate for areas where there is little or no room for a receiver box. The receivers get their signaling over non-networked Cat-5 or higher cabling from any Black Box HD View VGA transmitter linked to a digital signage player. Two versions are available: standard range, for extensions up to 360 feet and long range, for transmitting signals as far as 1,000 feet. Because the receivers slide into the screen, no external AV cabling is required. But each HD View Receiver also has a VGA output, which can be used to attach a second screen. In addition to VGA video and stereo audio, the receivers support full bidirectional serial communications.

Roland M-480

Roland’s M-480 digital mixing console is the central component in a full V- mixing system. The Roland M-480 V-mixer features a new mixing engine. The M-480 live mixing console is appropriate for any broadcast, event production, houses-of-worship, education, government, and corporate applications. The M-480 V-mixer features 48 mixing channels and six stereo returns for a total of 60 channels. Bussing is strong with a total of 27 consisting of 16 auxiliaries, eight matrices and full support for mono, stereo or LCR sound design. With a configurable choice of available digital I/O boxes, the M-480 can support up to 90 inputs and 90 outputs, all fully assignable via the digital patchbay. The patchbay also has the ability to route any input to any output without going through the mixer.

Rane CP66

Rane’s CP66 is a solution for systems up to six zones in size. Three optional Cat-5-connected remote accessories provide zone volume, source selection with volume or multizone volume control, and remote page zone selection with push-to-talk paging station. The 2U CP66 front panel allows complete setup without a computer, though the rear US B port permits configuration setup, upload, and download with optional included setup software.

Extron SM 3

Extron Electronics’ SM 3 is a compact, fast-installing flush mount speaker featuring the Extron SpeedMount System. This 8 ohm speaker features a 3-inch fullrange driver and tuned bass port, a wide frequency response of 75 Hz to 18 kHz, and a power rating of 15 watts continuous pink noise, 30 watts continuous program capacity. The enclosure for the SM 3 measures less than 4 inches (10.2 cm) deep. SpeedMount is an Extron-exclusive, concealed mounting system designed to speed up installation. During rough-in, electrical contractors can install a zero-degree or 10-degree mounting plate on the wall and terminate the speaker cable to the mount’s integrated wiring contacts. Later, installers can slide the SM 3 speaker onto the mount and secure it into place while automatically connecting to the wiring contacts on the mounting plate.

Lectrosonics HH Handheld Transmitter

Lectrosonics’ HH Handheld Transmitter is the newest addition to its line of digital hybrid wireless microphone systems offering compander-free audio. Features include the ability to accept third party, thread-on capsules and its broad input gain range. The HH transmitter accepts standard thread-on capsules from a number of manufacturers. This gives users the freedom to select the microphone capsule that is best suited for their particular application. The HH transmitter offers 44 dB of input gain range, making this transmitter appropriate for a variety of capsule sensitivities and source volume differences. Further, two capsules are available from Lectrosonics: the HHC cardioid condenser and the HHS supercardioid condenser.

Matrox Avio Series

Matrox Graphics’ Avio Series is a line of fiber optic KVM extenders for graphics intensive design and visualization applications. The KVM extender transmitter/receiver pair enables users to secure the host computer in a climate-controlled machine room by capturing the system’s I/O functionality and extending it up to 1,000 meters over a single fiber optic cable. The Avio Series supports uncompressed dual single-link DVI or one dual-link DVI video, at full resolution and frame rate, keyboard, mouse, stereo analog audio, and multiple US B HID and US B 2.0 peripherals, while making available a secondary user to access the host computer from the transmitter unit.

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