Digital Signage Privacy Guidelines

David Keene– Somewhat lost in the run-up to the Digital Signage Expo next week, was an interesting report on a move to Guidelines by the Digital Signage Federation.
You can read the full report at:

According to the report, “Interactivity and consumer engagement are poised to be key drivers of growth for the digital signage industry. Through technologies and platforms like mobile marketing, social networking, facial recognition and radio frequency identification, digital signage companies can personalize message content, build customer relationships, streamline network management and provide accountability to advertising clients. However, some companies and consumers are understandably wary of the privacy implications of collecting personal information through these identification and interactivity technologies.

“The Digital Signage Federation (DSF) believes the time is right for an industry-wide commitment to strong privacy and transparency standards. Such standards can help preserve public trust in digital signage and set the stage for a new era of consumer-friendly interactive marketing.

“Incorporating privacy into digital signage business models and data management practices is the best way to prevent privacy risks before they arise. It will likely be less expensive for digital signage companies to integrate privacy controls now, while identification technologies are still relatively new to the industry, than it will be to retrofit privacy protections onto future systems.

“How digital signage companies handle the privacy issues they face today will affect the way the public, regulators and advertiser clients perceive the industry – as well as the industryʼs direction in the future.

“The following are voluntary privacy guidelines recommended by DSF for digital signage companies, their partners and the venues that host these systems. The issues discussed in these guidelines are related to data collection and use through digital signage – these guidelines do not seek to address the many other methods of collecting consumer information. The DSF Digital Signage Privacy Standards are a living document and should be updated as technology and business practices evolve. Although DSF endorses these guidelines, DSF does not endorse specific companies, products, or services that use these guidelines.

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