Integrators Get Creative Control in Massive New Displays

Integrators Get Creative Control in Massive New Displays

Visual storytelling carries the power to communicate an idea at the speed of light—and nothing inspires the imagination like a captivating display of color and motion.

From live concerts and entertainment to dine-in restaurants, retail stores and the transportation hubs that we frequent every day, the art and science of visual communication have merged in the AV industry’s latest technologies for large-format, high-definition displays. Happily for tech integrators, they’re not only getting bigger and better, but also easier to deploy.

While screen sizes are growing, bezels are shrinking. And thanks to developments like ViewSonic’s new Ultra HD 98-inch display, they’re disappearing all together on larger and larger displays. Although these massive video walls often replace the need for multiple displays—just one screen covers more than eight feet of real estate—more adventurous users can link up to four displays for a staggering 32 feet of seamless 4K video.

Content and display control from Userful enables integrators to design artistic, mosaic-style video walls and easily deliver multiple types of media to single-screen walls or tiled creations featuring up to 60 displays.

With this powerful technology, ViewSonic puts imagination front and center with a commanding presence wherever the screens are located. See ViewSonic’s latest display marvel here.

Delivering High-Impact Messaging on a Single-Screen Wall

Learn how ViewSonic’s 98-inch single-screen video wall is being used to create high-impact digital signage that replaces the need for multiple displays.

ViewSonic & Userful Create Lasting Impressions in B2B Branding

Morgan Olson’s client list includes some of the most enduring consumer brands ever, such as Ford, FedEx and Mercedes-Benz. Thanks to digital signage, those customers and potential clients get the full brand experience when visiting the company’s headquarters.

Getting Creative with Screen Layouts, Easily

Looking for a versatile solution for deploying multiple types of content on one or more screens? This solution brief shows how deployment software like Userful paired with ViewSonic digital displays can help you build creative and captivating video walls for clients of all sizes.

Streamlining Video Wall Management and Cost

Traditional methods of delivering content to video walls are often complex, with integrators juggling various proprietary systems and limitations while trying to make it all user friendly for the client. The Userful approach enables real-time video stream splitting and more in a scalable solution. Learn more in this white paper.