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The What: i>clicker REEF is a mobile-optimized polling and engagement system.

The What Else: Instructors are able to create a REEF Polling account and set up courses from within the instructor software. Instructor accounts can also be used as a student account to test the experience as an instructor and a student. Instructors can easily use multiple choice, numeric and short answer questions. Students can answer polling questions using the keyboard entry options on their smart devices, laptops, or i>clicker 2 remotes. Instructors can choose to send a screen capture of their questions when polling opens, or wait until after polling is closed to send the screen capture. Instructors view a chart indicating how many students responded to each answer choice. Instructors can view previous questions, compare questions, and click a bar to select one or more correct answer. Correct answers are sent to student devices.

The Bottom Line: The REEF system is an enhanced mobile version of the popular i>clicker educational products. Rather than just selecting A,B,C, D, or E from a physical remote, participants see and tap on labeled response buttons on a smartphone, tablet, or any other web-enabled device.