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High End Systems' Unveil UNO at LDI

High End Systems' Unveil UNO at LDI
  • High End Systems’ latest product, UNO, features the largest high efficiency TIR lens in the entertainment industry and was launched at this year's LDI. An Osram 60x RGBW LED coupled with High End's proprietary 106mm TIR lens produces the LED beam which, along with fast movements, creates three degrees of effects.

UNO, with the largest TIR Lens in entertainment, was released at LDI 2015
The design includes an actively regulated cooling system to ensure quiet operation as well as thermal protection for the LED package.

"Not content with once again setting the standard in LED technology,” said Chris Ferrante, HES General Manager. “We have decided to launch yet another exciting product at this year's LDI. UNO, with its enormous TIR lens, is a super addition to what is already the most complete LED portfolio available today."UNO joined the High End Systems booth alongside the SolaWash Pro 2000 and SolaSpot Pro 2000, as well as the SolaSpot Pro 1500, SolaSpot Pro CMY and SHAPESHIFTER. The HOG FACTOR Finals also took place at the company's booth at LDI on October 23.

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