Free Fire Alarm Training 2009 Schedule Released

  • NORTHFORD, CT – Fire-Lite Alarms has released its 2009 fire alarm systems training schedule ( composed of more than 50 sessions offered free-of-charge, throughout the US. For more than 10 years, Fire-Lite has offered countless free trainings designed for almost every level of industry professional. Course offerings cover fire alarm basics to hands-on installation and programming. Dates and locations of Fire-Lite trainings planned for the beginning of 2009 are as follows:
  • Date Location Course Title
  • January 27 – 29 Atlanta, GA MiniScan
  • February 4 – 5 Albuquerque, NM SuperLite
  • February 10 – 12 Raleigh, NC MiniScan
  • February 10 – 12 Marlboro, MA MiniScan
  • February 25 – 26 New Orleans, LA SuperLite
  • February 24 – 26 Minneapolis, MN MiniScan
  • March 3 – 5 Los Angeles, CA MiniScan
  • March 10 –12 Birmingham, AL MiniScan
  • March 10 – 12 Baltimore, MD MiniScan
  • March 17 – 19 Detroit, MI MiniScan
  • March 24 – 26 Orlando, FL MiniScan
  • March 24 – 26 Northford, CT MiniScan
  • March 31 – April 2 Pittsburgh, PA MiniScan
  • April 7 – 8 Houston, TX SuperLite
  • April 14 – 16 Phoenix, AZ MiniScan
  • April 14 – 16 Des Moines, IA MiniScan
  • April 22 – 23 St. Louis, MO SuperLite
  • April 28 – 30 Buffalo, NY MiniScan
  • MiniScan Academy (3 Days)
  • A three-day training that begins with a half-day Basic Fire Alarm Technology course covering the basic building blocks of modern conventional and addressable fire alarm systems. It covers the primary and secondary functions of a fire alarm control panel, various initiating and notification devices, digital communicators, waterflow alarm and sprinkler monitoring. The academy continues with training on Fire-Lite's conventional and addressable fire alarm control panels. Product features, installation methods, programming and troubleshooting are taught through practical hands-on exercises.

Installation and configuration of Fire-Lite’s IPDACT, a module that enables the transmission of alarms from a fire alarm control panel via any IP network line (i.e. ADSL, cable, Internet), is also covered.

New for 2009! A final segment on Power Supply Fundamentals has been enhanced to include a hands-on practical exercise covering the most common applications using Fire-Lite’s FCPS-24FS series power supplies.

SuperLite Academy (2 Days)
A two-day course featuring instruction and hands-on exercises in the capabilities, installation, programming and troubleshooting of all Fire-Lite manufactured addressable control panels. The SuperLite Academy will wrap-up with two hours of installation and configuration training on Fire-Lite’s IPDACT module that enables the transmission of alarms from a fire alarm control panel via any IP network line (i.e. ADSL, cable, Internet).