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X2O Drives National Gallery Canada

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Montreal-based X2O Media, a provider of digital signage technology and services, has its Xpresenter turnkey digital signage system driving the National Gallery of Canada Foundation's Interactive Donor Wall, which was unveiled at a reception Dec. 5. X2O Media's Design Division created the graphical interface.
"The idea for an interactive donor wall came from our desire to recognize and engage our donors and patrons in an innovative and creative way," explained Marie Claire Morin, President and CEO of the National Gallery of Canada Foundation. "We turned to X2O Media to develop a tool that would enable us to realize this ambitious project. They understood our specific needs while making the application user-friendly. The result is simply remarkable."
At the National Gallery of Canada, X2O's Xpresenter powers digital display screens that show donor and patron names that can be selected from an interactive touch screen. X2O designed all the graphics in the application, giving it a professional, polished look.
"The donor wall's combination of an interactive touch screen coupled with a large-screen display is an exciting example of how Xpresenter can be used in public signage applications. We're really pleased to be able to accommodate the National Gallery of Canada Foundation's unique set of requirements with a complete turnkey solution that offers flexibility and looks great, thanks to our world-class creative design services," said David Wilkins, President of X2O Media.
Xpresenter is an affordable, easy-to-use system that allows Microsoft PowerPoint(r) users to produce broadcast-quality graphics that incorporate animations, clip art galleries, video clips, and real-time data sources - all without ever leaving the PowerPoint interface. Xpresenter includes a style gallery of graphics templates, custom control panels, video clip previewing, and tools for quickly resizing presentations to fit the varying dimensions of output displays and broadcast monitors. With Xpresenter, users can easily produce compelling presentations containing live information with minimal effort for any type of visual display, including corporate presentations, digital signage displays, hospitality channel programming, and much more.
X2O's Design Division has extensive experience in design for television and digital signage applications, with graphic design credits in the most demanding television broadcast environments, including high-profile election campaigns and major sporting events. World-renowned for its expertise in executing design concepts, the Design Division has been honored with awards from the prestigious BDA (North America) and from OMNI Intermedia.
More information about X2O Media is available at www.x2omedia.com


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