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Ex-stream-ly Easy

  • MADISON, WI -- If knowledge is power, then the dissemination of information should be taken seriously. For most organizations, it is. The problem: circulating important data isn't as easy as it may sound.
  • Sonic Foundry has responded to this dilemma with the launch of its Mediasite family of products. Drawing on the company's former experience in providing desktop tools for the audiovisual industry, Sonic Foundry recently introduced the RL400, a standalone presentation recorder that gives users the ability to record and play back presentations and immediately burn them to a CD without a backend server connection. Those who want more elaborate functionality can incorporate a Mediasite server into their systems, enabling live broadcasting, content management and web publishing.
  • "There are a whole range of ways that people are trying to share their information and deliver it throughout an organization," said James Dias, Sonic Foundry's vice president of marketing and sales. "It involves very complicated factors: video over networks, including a second channel for graphic content. We wanted to boil it down to the same simplicity that you would get out of using a dial tone."
  • Currently, the Mediasite product suite is comprised of the new RL400 (which is rackmountable), the mobile Mediasite ML, the Mediasite VL videoconferencing recorder and the Mediasite server. These technologies are largely used by educational facilities, however they are suitable for corporate boardrooms and lecture rooms as well.
  • "Mediasite is becoming part of a room-based strategy, so that if you want to take over a room that has traditionally been videoconference-oriented, you now have the ability to carry it over an IP connection as well," explained Rimas Buinevicius, chairman and CEO at Sonic Foundry. "Many rooms have been retrofitted so that they can deliver rich media content from a room that is used for presentations and training."
  • Boasting features such as VersaVisual (a patent-pending technology capable of capturing and playing back multi-source, multi-format visual content); server-free recording mode, control systems interoperability, RapidRecord (which enables users to quickly stop and start recording on the fly), Publish to Flash (enabling the publishing of content onto the Flash platform) and enhanced security management, the RL400 is a dual-channel recording system based on real-time technology. The system is also capable of being integrated with Crestron and AMX control technology.
  • "This facilitates the creation of content in the most economical way possible -- we have taken out the whole post-production process," Buinevicius said. "Our content is created instantly, and is instantly publishable for the web. Therefore, it becomes searchable."
  • This efficient application of content, once it is created, is something that Sonic Foundry continues to explore. "All of these presentations become assets within a company, and people want to be able to locate them," Dias noted. "We are bringing uniformity to the idea of scaling this information throughout an organization."
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