Link Turns 20 -

Link Turns 20

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Still a relative newcomer to U.S. shores, Link is currently celebrating its 20th anniversary, marking two decades of providing cabling and connectivity for the pro audio industry.

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Link's managing director, Assunta Fratocchi, and founder/president, Marco Piromalli, look ahead to the next 20 years of their company.
The aptly-named Italian company established a North American beachhead in Orlando, FL a few years ago with the introduction of Link USA Inc., and many of its customers know theyre dealing with the same company that theyve heard of (and often used) overseas. U.S. business manager Bob Vande Burgt is all too aware of Links history and offered his take on some of the factors that have contributed to the business longevity: It comes down to three things: One, there is a true passion for, and dedication to, supporting the entertainment market. Two, many of Links employees and founders have worked for decades in the business. Three, Link is always searching for the ideal solution to resolve customer interconnection problems.

That the companys products have a wide purview, however, isnt that surprising, as it has taken aggressive actions to broaden its reach in recent years. In addition to the founding of Link USA, which was created with the specific mission to facilitate the introduction of Link products in the American market, it also created LK Connectors, a company dedicated exclusively to the production of connectors and Link assemblies, in order to react more efficiently to the increased demand for Links products.

As a result of all this expansion, around 50 people work for Linka far cry from 20 years ago when it was founded by two audio engineers.

For all the experience, product development and corporate history that Link has engendered since 1987, however, Vande Burgt felt that theres no single moment that defined the companys first two decades.

More than one moment or product, he said. I feel that the complete range of products and the passion, vision, and focus of those who founded the company still resonates in the people and products of Link today. With over 20 years of experience, we now offer a compilation of solutions that can be mixed and matched to solve just about any connectivity need.


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