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Fast And Loud

Fast And Loud
  • Monmouth Park's 100-foot-wide, one-mile oval track and sweeping grandstands rely on QSC's Installation Line Array (ILA) loudspeakers, BASIS and RAVE processing, and CX Series amplification for sound reinforcement.OCEANPORT, NJ-As this year's host of the Breeders' Cup World Championships, the Jersey Shore's Monmouth Park decided the time was right to upgrade its audio. Drawing upon QSC Audio Products as a main resource, SPL Integrated Solutions developed a networked sound reinforcement blueprint using Installation Line Array (ILA) loudspeakers, BASIS and RAVE processing, and CX Series amplification.
  • Distributed in clusters deployed upon steel columns supporting the grandstand roof, a total of 66 full-range, WL2082-i ILA cabinets occupy central positions within the system. Supported by 20 model AD-S282H loudspeakers from the AcousticDesign Series serving as downfills for areas directly beneath the arrays, the weather-resistant ILAs were chosen for the task based upon their wide 140-degree dispersion, premium sonic quality, and the minimal footprint they leave within the environment.
  • "First and foremost, bringing sound reinforcement to this track was a matter of coverage," noted SPL northeast operations manager Pat Corcoran. "The ILA loudspeakers had the dispersion and sonic quality we needed right out of the box, plus the horsepower to rise above whatever amount of crowd noise comes our way, which is considerable when the racing action really heats up."
  • SPL's Shawn McAdams, who served on the project engineering team, said, "Combine the performance attributes of this system with the fact that we were effectively able to utilize QSC as a one-stop source for virtually every component needed, and the value of our choices become even greater. Everything here works together. Using QSC's DataPort connections linking the BASIS processors with the CX Series amps, there's no need for line-level cabling at all, and we can monitor the functions of the system at any time."
  • Working within the proprietary audio platform that seamlessly integrates Monmouth Park's amplifier and loudspeaker management, configurable DSP, and digital audio transport, QSC's Venue Manager software serves as the guiding hand of the system. Venue Manager was used at Monmouth Park to oversee the activities of a group of BASIS 914lz, BASIS 922uz, and RAVE 522ua processors.