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Mobile Display Industry Report

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Insight Media has published its new Mobile Display Report (MDR), documenting the display industry news and activities for monitor-sized and smaller displays, components and finished products. MDR goes beyond the headlines digging deep into news events -- offering "the why" behind the news with new technologies and companies you won't normally hear about in mainstream media. And, we try to find new information that you won't find anywhere else. Here are some of the items of note for this month.

Virtual Microdisplays
New WXGA imager pushes fill factor / reflectivity bounds
LED/Laser Projection and Devices
Photonic crystal LEDs come of age, open new markets
Embedded pico projectors expand into new products and apps
LCD Component Manufacturing
Panel Makers Bring Innovations to 2009 Line
New Films Make For Brighter LCDs
Alternative Displays
Bigger screen e-Books target newspaper / textbook market
Kindle cost breakdown shows two big money components that boost demand
Is Amazon's Kindle DX pricing a brilliant move?
Japan now offers color and pen on e-Paper displays
New fast e-Paper displays enable video too
3D Display and Applications
A new small 3D display uses micro-lenses for glasses-free viewing
2D / 3D on the same screen at the same time
Tokyo institute shows off 3D and more
Software makes 3D movie player from popular game console
Touch Screens
Hybrid touch screen goes (way) beyond two finger input
Personal Eyewear
The next wave of body-worn computing
Mobile Products
Why the upgrade path for mobile devices is shifting

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James Industries, a Las Vegas-based gaming manufacturer representation firm focused primarily on technology for gaming and entertainment, is representing NanoLumens LED displays which are energy efficient, ultra-bright and can be built to virtually any shape, size or curvature, making them a good OEM solution for manufacturers wanting to draw more attention to their games.

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Pacific Media Associates (PMA), providers of market research and sales data updates on large-screen displays, have announced that they are introducing a new market information service focused on mounts used for flat panel displays and front projectors, including in digital signage applications.

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StrandVision Digital Signage has  announced that LEI Technology Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Lanner Electronics, has been selected as the exclusive provider of display controllers for mobile digital signage applications. StrandVision is specially pre-configuring the LEC-5510 mobile appliance to integrate with their dig