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Qatar Equestrian Foundation Benefits From AV Expertise Of Local Integrator

Qataris are passionate about horses and take their equestrian traditions very seriously. As a result, there are a surprising number of extremely plush equestrian facilities throughout this small state, including those of the Qatar Equestrian Federation in the capital city of Doha. When the QEF decided that a full upgrade of its public address system

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The Foundation’s two Arenas—one outdoor was necessary, following major improvements to its indoor and training facilities, it turned to AV-TECH, one of Qatar’s leading suppliers of high-end audio, video, broadcast and lighting equipment with a formidable reputation for high-quality systems contracting. After much deliberation, AV-TECH engineers eventually settled for a custom-designed loudspeaker solution from Meyer Sound and Community with amplification from Lab.gruppen’s installation-dedicated C Series range.

The installation covered several areas including the main indoor arena and associated warm-up area as well as the main outdoor arena and its associated warm-up area. The areas to be covered were enormous and there were several logistical difficulties to overcome, but eventually the consultants and engineers adopted a surface element approach which provided optimum coverage and the best value for the money.

The project included the supply, installation and commissioning of thirtytwo Meyer Sound UPJ 1P self-powered speakers and thirty-two Community R.25 horn speakers powered by four Lab.gruppen C16:4 4-channel power amplifiers in the indoor arena (main arena and warm-up arena). The outdoor arena PA installation included twelve Meyer Sound M2D line array cabinets, 16 M1D line array cabinets and four Community R1-94z 2 way horn system units powered by a further four Lab.Gruppen C 16:4 power amplifiers. In both arenas, all the speakers were connected to a Midas Venice 16-channel mixing desk and managed by a Meyer Sound Galileo 616 speaker management system.

“Despite the logistical difficulties we had to overcome in mounting the loudspeakers, the combination of MeyerSound,

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the other indoor—posed very different acoustical challenges for the systems designers at AV-TECH. Community and Lab.gruppen delivers the highest quality sound,” stated AV-TECH’s Hadi Arzouni. “We selected Lab.gruppen’s C Series because of their build quality and reliability and their high channel density. You are also able to select your output load per channel which makes them incredibly versatile, and of course they sound extremely good.”

“The PA in all areas will relay the paging calls as well as a mix of sources,” continued Arzouni. “These include the presenters’ microphones, courtside radio microphones and other virtually routed sources. With the Galileo we can route any input we receive from Al-Jazeera Sport Channel or other providers into the court mix,” he explained. The specification called for a full music-rated system (although it will hardly be used as such). “Via the Galileo we have dynamics and EQ on every input (comp, limiters, parametric and gain), while on every output there’s parametric EQ, limiting, delay and routing-this allows us to transmit test signals during the Championships, so we always know what to expect.”


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Oklahoma Establishments Serve TV as the Main Course

Two high profile sports celebrity-themed restaurant/bar venues with AV systems designed and installed by Pro Presenters of Norman, OK, and featuring solutions from Contemporary Research. KD’s Southern Cuisine, a fine dining establishment, is loaded with features such as private dining rooms and stunning electric-glass walls. Wes Welker’s Sports Bar and Grill serves up wings, nachos, and chili cheese fries along with the action.

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Go For The Gold

A Wireless Distributed Audio System Wins At Olympic Training Center A Shure PSM 700 personal in-ear monitoring system provides wireless audio distribution for 14 QSC Audio K-10 active loudspeakers in

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A Taste For Audio

LOS ANGELES, CA—Dining and entertainment seamlessly merge at Supperclub, an international chain of venues that recently expanded with the opening of Supperclub Los Angeles, located in the Vogue Theatre on the Hollywood Boulevard clubland corridor.