First Annual Time Sensitive Networking and Applications Conference Coming in April

The Conference on Time Sensitive Networking and Applications (TSNA), designed to educate and create awareness of emerging standards related to real-time networks where systems interact with the physical world in a way that is tightly coupled in time, will take place April 28-29 at the Hilton Santa Clara, CA.

AVnu Alliance, the industry consortium driving open standards-based deterministic networking through certification, is a key sponsor hosting the conference, along with support from Biamp, Broadcom, Cisco, Coveloz, Harman, Intel, and Meyer Sound. Open to AVnu Alliance members and the public, the Conference on TSNA will give attendees a deep technical look into the development of current and emerging standards and technologies associated with deterministic networking.

Ethernet continues to expand its range, functionality, and applications with the evolution of the audio video bridging (AVB) standard into time sensitive networking (TSN). The new capabilities of TSN are beneficial across multiple markets where highly reliable and precise synchronized networking applications exist. Attendees will gain unique insight from use cases and market-specific sessions regarding future technology that is coming to standard ethernet.

The Conference on TSNA will feature sessions from industry experts in time sensitive networking starting with an opening keynote session on concurrent, real-time, embedded system design from the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). Attendees can sit in on TSN technical primers, explore current market trends, and learn first-hand from use case and application studies for industrial, professional AV, consumer electronics, and automotive.

"We are proud to be a key sponsor of the first-ever technical conference focused on time sensitive networks, software and systems," said Kevin Stanton, AVnu Alliance technical workgroup chair and TSNA conference chair. "This event is particularly significant as the technology continues to evolve. The conference provides the perfect atmosphere in which attendees can interact with people developing standards and systems, while obtaining real-time knowledge on the opportunities that TSN will deliver to their customers."

The agenda and registration for the Conference on TSNA is available at

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