AV Rental & Staging Purchasing Forecast 2007- Call for Participants

Capital budgeting is a critical step in every rental company's business plan. This survey will provide benefits just from gathering the data. The included preparation worksheet is an effective exercise for determining how much capital to commit and where it should be spent. And once the survey data is submitted, participants will receive free of charge the full market report that will yield even more benefits.

The survey results can help you:

* Gauge your company's technology strategy against the industry.

* Justify capital needs to your financial institution.

* Manage purchase timing for maximum impact in your market.

Qualified participants will be provided a complete list of all survey questions in advance in order to collect the data before filling out the survey online. The online portion should only take ten to fifteen minutes to complete. The identity of all responding companies is kept confidential and all results are consolidated to further protect identities.
Participants will receive:

* Complete survey results

* Executive summary

* Written analysis

* Promotional magazine subscriptions to introduce their customers to
Rental & Staging Systems magazine, a NewBay Media publication

* A complimentary classified listing in Rental & Staging Systems magazine

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