Extron Introduces eBUS

Extron Introduces eBUS

The What: Extron Electronics has unveiled its eBUS family of button panels and accessories. eBUS button panels are customizable AV system control interfaces that utilize a digital bus architecture engineered for easy control system expansion, greater design options, and future upgrades. Button panels are connected to each other and an IPCP Pro control processor with a single cable that carries both power and communication. This expandable design allows a button panel to be used as a single user interface in a smaller system or combined with other button panels and touchpanels when a more elaborate control system is required.

The What Else: The EBP 100 and EBP 200 eBUS Button Panels are part of the growing eBUS family. These are two and three-gang pushbutton control interfaces that perform a variety of AV system functions such as display On/Off, input switching, volume control, and much more. They feature dual-colored, backlit buttons that facilitate operation in low-light environments and a volume knob for smooth, precise volume adjustments. Two eBUS ports are available for system expansion. The EBP 100 mounts in a two-gang junction box, and the EBP 200 mounts in a three-gang junction box. Included mud rings enable mounting in lecterns, tabletops, or other flat surfaces.

"Extron's new eBUS technology makes AV button panel integration and expansion easier than ever," says Casey Hall, vice president of sales and marketing for Extron. "Single-cable connections and multiple mounting options help system designers grow an AV control system from a single button panel to multiple panels to fit a wide variety of applications."

The Bottom Line: Since eBUS button panels have the same physical appearance as Extron’s MediaLink controllers, they can be used alongside these controllers throughout a facility while preserving a consistent look and user experience. Buttons can be customized using Extron Button Label Generator software or by using the online Custom Button Builder application.

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