Next Generation Of End-Users

The Forestville Central School in Forestville, NY is a small K-12 school of 625 pupils. As the students of today grow up in a visual multimedia world, the school's technical coordinator, Michael Murphy, has developed a philosophy of supplying teachers with the necessary tools for a modern education practice. Univisions Crimson Group of Syracuse, NY assisted the Forestville Central School to assess their requirements.

"A teacher lecturing in front of the class just isn't as effective as it could be," Murphy said. With that in mind, he has been converting classrooms over to what he has termed "Model Classrooms." Each of these rooms has a permanently mounted XGA projector, a large 60 x 80 screen, a new computer dedicated to the projector, a sound system, a VCR and DVD player, and the most frequently used item, a WolfVision Visualizer. The Forestville Central School opted for Visualizers from WolfVision's portable range, in particular the VZ-8light, because it is easy to operate, offers great picture quality, is versatile to use and compatible with all other AV products in the classroom.

Articles such as textbooks, calculators, exercise sheets and any 3-dimensional object that the teacher would normally pass around the class are placed on the Visualizer and presented on the big screen. By doing this, the teacher saves time and receives full attention from the pupils. Because of the versatile application possibilities, the Visualizer is highly accepted by teachers and students and used throughout all grades in science, math, history and reading classrooms.

"It is exciting every time I walk past one of the rooms and a teacher is using the Visualizer to its fullest capacity," Murphy said. "I cannot believe how great the quality of the picture is, how nicely the auto-focus works and how versatile the product is."

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