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Elite Screens Inc. Opens New East Coast Facility

Elite Screens Inc. Opens New East Coast Facility

Demand from a growing customer base motivated Elite Screens to open a new facility in Westminster, Maryland, that gives the company 84,000 square feet of new office & warehouse space.

  • According to the company, the new facility will operate as the Midwest and east Coast hub for logistics and service support, allowing customers in those regions to receive product within two business days for most ground services. In some cases, same-day delivery may be possible.

The Maryland facility will carry all the same products as the California location, making a catalog of 2,000 types of projection screens available to the Eastern half of the U.S. in the same time frame as the West. This includes our various screen types and sizes from 18” to 400” in addition to all the various aspect ratios on the market today.

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