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HARMAN AKG Wireless Microphones at Queensland University Of Technology

HARMAN AKG Wireless Microphones at Queensland University Of Technology
  • Australia’s Queensland University of Technology’s (QUT) Audiovisual Projects Department installed a campus-wide digital wireless solution to replace the existing analog system in its lecture halls, which host more than 50,000 students during the academic year.

Supported by Len Lotz and Shane Palmer of Videopro, a Queensland-based technology integrator, QUT now has more than 400 educational spaces across multiple buildings channelled with HARMAN’s AKG DMS700 digital wireless microphones.

QUT’s wireless channels were crowded, which put stress on the channels and brought interference to lectures throughout campus. AKG’s DMS700 was selected to address the issues related to overcrowded bandwidth and eliminate interference. DMS700’s wide tuning range offered flexibility to work around uncertain frequency allocations in the future, as the Australian government redistributes allocations of UHF spectrum.

DMS700 allowed QUT to provide a larger number of channels, in addition to increased clarity and reliability of the digital signal.

“The lecture halls and teaching spaces have improved, in terms of the audio clarity and reliability, with the integration of AKG’s DMS700 wireless system,” said John Vikstrom, QUT. “AKG Audio Products Group worked tirelessly with Videopro and QUT’s AV team to design a system that would span the entire campus and offer user-friendly ability for the professors in each room.”

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