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Prysm Launches Global Road Show

  • SAN JOSE, CA--Prysm announced a global road show, exhibiting its LPD solution. The company has begun its global road show allowing customers to see firsthand the LPD in action. Working with its channel partners worldwide, Prysm will visit key locations in Europe, Middle East and North America. Prysm channel partners will be available to educate attendees on how the Prysm game-changing display solution can provide a cost-efficient, vivid digital display solution.
  • Initially aimed at the commercial AV industry, Prysm’s LPD screens are well-suited for displays in the retail, corporate, broadcast and transportation environments. The panels provide seamless, high-resolution pictures and the widest viewing angles to effectively deliver content and engage audiences. Each LPD panel is a 25” diagonal tile, providing the flexibility to create displays in any shape and size. Prysm’s displays are also environmentally-friendly. They consume only a quarter of the energy compared to all other display technologies, are created without toxic materials, require no additional in-store subsystems and are recyclable at end of life.
  • “We are very excited to work together with Prysm to demonstrate its new disruptive LPD solution,” said Jeff Stoebner president at AVI Systems. “The road show will enable attendees to experience and see in-person how Prysm’s technology is changing the landscape of the AV market. The brilliant image is extremely impressive in-person, people will be blown away.”
  • “Our mission is to provide the most innovative AV solutions for various applications and having seen Prysm’s LPD screens firsthand, I can say that we are offering a truly breakthrough green display technology,” said Hans-Günter Nusseck, product manager at Eyevis. “The LPDs deliver brilliant images that can captivate audiences, especially in applications like railway, digital signage and architectural installations. They also consume less power compared to many display technologies on the market, while at the same time reduce the operating expenses.”
  • “After an incredible product launch at Infocomm we have been busy bringing LPD into full production. I am proud to say the image quality is remarkable and the results can be seen firsthand now,” said Dana Corey, VP, global sales and marketing at Prysm Inc. “The road show provides the opportunity for the world to see how superior our LPD panels are and learn how our technology can help customers become more energy-efficient.”
  • Prysm’s Road Show is underway and will include the following locations:
  • InnoTrans in Berlin, Germany (September 21-24)
  • Sapphire Marketing in Boston, MA (October 6-7)
  • Additional upcoming locations can be found at