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TV One Adds More Flexibility with the C2-6104A Multiviewer

  • TV One has released the new CORIOview C2-6104A 4-Window Video Processor that now accepts COMPOSITE VIDEO as a new selection in addition to component video, RGB and DVI inputs to place up to four sizeable windows on a single DVI output, with each window powered by a separate CORIO2 scaling engine providing full picture-in-picture flexibility.
  • This new Multiviewer from TV One has five DVI-U inputs which are the same as a DVI-I connection with the additional flexibility of accepting composite video signals using a BNC to DVI adapter. Like all products in the CORIOview range of Multiviewers, the fifth input is available for use as a background to the four windows or as a cascade input from another CORIOview product, thus adding four more windows per unit.
  • Colored borders and source labeling are provided for each window and 50 user defined presets (controllable directly from the front panel as well as external communications) allows for the quick recall of customized settings for various applications. Non-volatile memory ensures that all settings stored by the user are retained even when the power is switched off. Four Still Image Stores are built into the C2-6104A which can display one of ten user loadable images, stored in Flash Memory, in place of an input.
  • DVI-D resolutions up to 1920x1200@60Hz and 1080p are supported along with DVI-A (RGBHV/YUV/YPbPr/CV via optional HD-15 or BNC breakout adaptor) resolutions up to 2048x2048 at virtually any refresh rate. A wide variety of computer signal formats are accommodated including PC, Mac and Workstation formats. High-performance de-interlacing with motion-adaptive noise reduction means that YUV, YPbPr and CV sources such as 525i, 625i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p are also compatible. All of the four window inputs can be scaled to match any of the aforementioned resolutions to output via DVI-I. Furthermore, custom resolutions can be added quickly and easily using available software from TV One.
  • In addition to the premium-quality scaling capability, an arsenal of additional advanced features are all standard within the CORIOview C2-6104A Multiviewer including Seamless Switching, Genlock, Chromakey, Lumakey and Mixing. The Key mode allows any window to be keyed over any other with variable priority / layer control. Due to the 4:4:4 sampling format, precise keying at pixel level can be achieved. An optional Tally module is also available for all CORIOview Multiviewers to provide both Tally and UMD support. The Tally inputs can control either the border color of the video sources or the loading of user-defined presets, while the UMD input allows a text label to be automatically assigned to each video source.
  • A built-in LCD and menu system contributes to a quick set up and ease of use, with functions being controlled using the front-panel push buttons, RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 or Ethernet. The CORIO Tool Suite integrates fully with the C2-6104A and most third party control systems can also interface directly with the unit.
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