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Marshall Pro AV Launches Digital Signage Division(2)

Marshall Electronics has created a digital signage division to service a growing demand for small screens ranging in size from 5 to 22 inches.

The new division will fall under the Marshall Pro AV umbrella and will be headed by sales and marketing manager Perry Goldstein. “When we showed our smaller screens at the Digital Signage Expo we thought we would be buried by huge screens,” recalls Goldstein. “It turns out that a lot of businesses are looking for smaller, tailored solutions, not generic over-sized out of the box flat panels, and Marshall Pro AV is going to fill that gap.”

According to Goldstein, Marshall Pro AV will offer off-the-shelf and custombuilt LCD screens with the most popular sizes falling in the 5- to 10-inch range. Products under Marshall’s Pro AV umbrella include monitors targeted to retail establishments, Ethernet inputs for networking signage, and a new line of industrial grade LCD monitors with built-in media players that offer an easy, low cost solution for customized digital signage.